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Crysis Game Guide

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Game Guide - Hints & Equipment Crysis Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Important issues

- "Crysis" isn't a type of game that allows you to engage enemy troops without having to worry about losing your life. Most direct assaults will end in a failure, even if you've decided to choose one of the lower difficulty settings. Remember that you have a lot of useful tools at your disposal. Binoculars and a detailed strategic map are only a few of them. It's very important to plan your journey each time you want to reach a new area of the map. You will also have to observe enemy units carefully in order to surprise them or avoid them. It's crucial to your safety that you remember one thing - you won't have to kill everyone you encounter. You should also know that enemy troops may appear somewhere else once you've decided to repeat a mission. This affects mostly enemy patrols, because they're exploring the map without you being around them. Using the powers of your Nanosuit is equally important, so you shouldn't rely only on the firepower of your current guns. Use the abilities wisely in order to fulfill mission objectives without having to risk too much.

- Don't forget to save your current progress as often as possible. This is an extremely important thing, especially if you plan on exploring a new territory of the map. Additionally, you will be allowed to rely on autosaves. Checkpoints are quite frequent. They are usually created once you've dealt with a major problem or if you're closing in on a new location after a longer journey.

- Make sure that you rest for a few seconds after each battle. This will allow your Nanosuit to regenerate itself. You should consider stopping Nomad frequently, especially if you're using a cloaking device. You will also have to make sure that no one sees you while you're trying to regain power. As a result, it's often wise to lie down on the ground or hide in the bushes.

Most useful guns

FY71 Assault Rifle is definitely one of the most useful weapons in the game. The main advantage of having this gun is that you won't have to worry about finding ammunition for it. Most of the Korean soldiers will use similar weapons, so all you have to do is to kill them and check their bodies for additional supplies. You will also be allowed to upgrade this gun with a lot of useful components. One of them is a scope. If you decide to use this upgrade, you'll turn FY71 into a mini sniper rifle. Obviously it won't be as good as the original, but it'll still allow you to inflict a lot of damage. You should also consider attaching a silencer to the assault rifle, especially early during the course of the game, because you'll have to sneak a lot in order to survive.

Shotgun is your best choice if you plan on fighting inside buildings or if you want to surprise and defeat enemy soldiers from a smaller distance. Obviously the main advantage of having this weapon is the firepower. Additionally, you won't have to worry about the ammunition. As a result, shotgun is a much better choice than most similar guns, like the Gauss rifle.

Rocket launcher is a very unique weapon. Each of these guns is treated separately. This means you won't be able to pick up new missiles. Instead, you will have to be on a look out for a new launcher. Other than that, you won't have anything to be worried about. You can use the rocket launcher to destroy enemy gunships, tanks, armored vehicles and heavy machine gun nests. Make sure that you have this weapon with you all the time. You will find a lot rocket launchers in the game world. They are often hidden inside ammo depots and other buildings. You won't find them near dead soldiers.

MOAC rifle becomes available near the end of the campaign mode, however you don't have to worry about acquiring it on your own, because you'll receive it automatically. I've decided to mention this weapon, because it's a much better gun than a standard minigun. The main advantage of having it is that you won't have to worry about the ammunition. You'll receive an unlimited supply of bullets. The firepower is also acceptable. Your only concern is the temperature bar. You won't be allowed to overheat this rifle.

Nanosuit's powers

Camouflage allows you to gain an unfair advantage over your opponents in almost every situation. You'll be using it all the time, especially early during the course of the singleplayer campaign, because you're be going against enemy soldiers and not alien creatures. Make sure that you're activating your cloaking device each time you plan on going somewhere you've never been to before. The only exception is when you're able to hide in the bushes. You can use the camouflage to avoid enemy patrols or to surprise them. The same goes with the terrain. You can be on a look out for side entrances or you can use the cloaking device to get closer to enemy troops and kill them with a shotgun. How you decide to use its features is only up to you. I would recommend to use it mostly to avoid being seen, however you will have several opportunities to attack enemy forces by surprise. I reckon you won't be using this feature so often once you've met alien creatures, however you will still be able to perform surprise attacks. I wouldn't recommend turning on camouflage unless your power bar is fully regenerated. You should also be more careful once you have 30-40% of power left. Also, remember that if you're moving slower, you will be allowed to use a cloaking device for a longer period of time.

Increased armor is mostly a passive ability and it should remain that way. It will turn on automatically each time you've drained your power bar. You should also use it while trying to take on larger groups of enemy units. Increased armor value will allow you to sustain more damage without having to retreat.

Increased strength can be used to avoid certain obstacles. You'll often have to reach a very high ledge or pry open a closed door. You will also be allowed to choke life out of Korean soldiers and smaller alien creatures, however I would recommend using standard weapons, instead of draining your power bar.

Increased speed is often used to retreat from endangered zones. You can also use it to outrun a pursuit, whether it's an armored vehicle or an alien creature. Maximum speed ability is also used to avoid certain threats. Mines and fire traps are only some of the dangers you'll have to deal with while playing the game.

Author: Jacek "Stranger" Halas

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