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CS GO Game Guide

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Economy in CS GO CS GO Guide and Tips

How to play eco and pistol round in CS GO.

Managing your finances is a very important part of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Every player, regarding of the chosen side, begins the game with the same amount of cash - 800$ and a starting pistol. From that moment, each player controls his finances on his own. Here are the cash rewards:

CS: GO offers numerous ways of managing your money, but we can distinguish two basic types of rounds (aside from the initial pistol round): eco and buy round - Economy in CS GO - Gameplay - CS GO Game Guide
  1. Winning a round gives players 3250$. A round won by planting/defusing the bomb yields 3500$.
  2. A lost round is worth 1400$. Further defeats increase the purse by 500$ (bonus stacks up to 5 times).
  3. Planting and defusing yields additional 300$. It should be mentioned that the bonus is a reward for the player that has done the deed.
  4. Terrorists receive additional 800$ for planting the bomb, even if the round is lost.
  5. A kill is rewarded with 300$. However, there are certain exceptions from this rule - a knife kill is rewarded with 1500$, while a shotgun kill is rewarded with 900$. The difference in yield is connected to the difficulty of the kill.
  6. A teamkill or a suicide results in 300$ fine.

CS: GO offers numerous ways of managing your money, but we can distinguish two basic types of rounds (aside from the initial "pistol" round): eco and buy round.

First pistol round

The first round is very important, as a win enables you to control the outcome of at least a few next rounds. Each player receives 800$ at the beginning of the round. Here are some basic tips:

  1. Counter-Terrorists should have at least one bomb defuse kit. The rest of the team can buy Kevlar and/or grenades.
  2. Terrorists should buy Kevlar's and grenades. The Kevlar players should go in first, while grenade players should create smoke screens and blind the opposing team using flashbangs.
  3. Buying a different pistol is not recommended, as the starting one can easily kill an opponent by a headshot from close/middle range, considering that the opposing team does not have helmets.

Eco Round

The players skip buying or spend small amounts of money in order to save money for further rounds. Nevertheless, the eco round doesn't necessarily mean a lost round. Try to eliminate your opponent using your pistol and take his weapon. If you are playing as a Terrorist, you may plant the bomb (which will give you additional 300$), while a lost round also yields a cash reward (1400$). Remember about following tips:

  1. Maintain a positive attitude! Always give 200% of effort to at least undermine your opponent.
  2. Move as a team or at least in twos to increase your chances of survival or eliminating your target.
  3. If the enemy realizes the fact that you are playing an eco round, they may attempt to eliminate you one by one - avoid open spaces, use covers (chests, barrels), and check angles and corners.
  4. Check the area before picking-up a leftover weapon - you may be an easy target for your opponents.

Buy Round

Spend money (sometimes even using up all of your reserves) into right weaponry and equipment that will enable you to win the next few rounds. A buy round can be divided into two separate entities:

  1. Forcebuy - A round where the team doesn't have enough cash, but it is forced to buy items in order to not lose the next round which may be deciding for the whole match. Typically, a player buys Kevlar and a pistol.
  2. Full-buy - A round where you buy every needed item in order to win the next encounter. Takes place after a series of wins.


  1. Buy a Kevlar and helmet after a won pistol round. Your opponents won't be armed well, while a helmet can protect you against lucky shots from your opponent.
  2. If your enemies go full-buy and are equipped with AK-47s or AWPs, the helmet won't be of much use. In this case, it is better to invest the remaining 350$ into e.g. a second grenade.
  3. Follow the lost pistol round with 2 eco rounds or buy a helmet and a pistol and make an attempt to win round two.
  4. Sometimes, you'll have to share your money with the rest of the team in order to increase your chances of winning the round.
  5. There is no need for every player to buy a 400$ defuse kit. Buy 2 kits, one for each bombsite.
  6. One AWP for the whole team will suffice.
  7. Avoid buying cheap weapons such as the shotgun. If you don't have the money for an AK47 or a M4A4, simply save until you can buy one.
  8. During an eco round, a player equipped with a primary weapon should go first. The rest can follow him and pick-up the weapon if the first player has died.
  9. Don't buy a new armor if the durability of the current one is still high. Wait for the armor's durability to go low and buy a new one then.
  10. Basic numbers for Terrorists - 3700$ (Kevlar + helmet + AK-47) 3350$ (Kevlar + AK-47).
  11. Basic numbers for Counter-Terrorists - 4100$ (Kevlar + Helmet + M4A4) 3750$ (Kevlar + M4A4).
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