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CS GO Game Guide

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Shooting techniques in CS GO CS GO Guide and Tips

Improve your shooting skill in Counter Strike - our tips and hints will help you in taking headshots!

In FPS games, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you can use a variety of techniques that can greatly facilitate the gameplay, can improve your accuracy and sharpen your reflexes. Below you can find information that can help you improve your skills

A technique that requires a lot of practice, steady hands and self-control - Shooting techniques in CS GO - Gameplay - CS GO Game Guide


A technique that requires a lot of practice, steady hands and self-control. Tapping is usually used from a longer distance, allowing the player to shoot and remain in motion at the same time. While using this technique, shots are performed one by one, or a maximum of two bullets in a row, followed by a short break that lets you stop the recoil of the weapon. During this time, you can take a step to the side and shoot again. Remember to perform shots while you are motionless, right after strafing. The benefits of that shooting mode are as follows:

  1. Low ammo usage and rarer weapon reloads.
  2. High mobility.
  3. Complete elimination of weapon recoil.
  4. Maximum control over the weapon.

Burst firing method

The most popular technique that focuses around firing short series (3-7) of bullets. Short bursts can be performed with almost any weapon and the technique is most effective at medium and close distances. A thing worth noting here is the fact that, contrary to using the tapping method, you need to correct the crosshair (usually by pulling the barrel of the rifle towards the bottom) during the firing sequence. To maximize the effectiveness of this method, you should stay still while shooting. The benefits of that shooting mode are as follows:

  1. Moderate ammo consumption.
  2. High mobility.
  3. Good accuracy.
  4. A short series of bullets might be deadly even if you miss the opponent's head.


A difficult technique to perform, requiring knowledge of each weapon in order to be able to control bullet spread. Spraying is about continuous shooting in long series of bullets, often until the magazine of the weapon is completely emptied, while constantly adjusting the crosshair. Due to the much lower accuracy and effectiveness when compared to the other two techniques, spraying is used mainly at very short distances, where the player has an easier task to hit the opponent. The biggest benefit of such a firing method is as follows:

  1. The chance to eliminate several enemies at once while in close combat.
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