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CS GO Game Guide

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Launch options in CS: GO console CS GO Guide and Tips

CS: GO has many customizable options that can be adjusted according to your needs and your system. Many of them can be edited in the game menu, but some have to be adjusted in the console, even before the game boots up. Most often, you use the start options to disable the intro, but also to load your own config file that has to be prepared beforehand. There are many different launch options that influence the way the program runs.

How to adjust the launch options?

In order to do that, you have to launch Steam first. After going to the library, chose CS:GO, press the RMB and go to the file's properties. Then click the "General" tab and look for "Set launch options." You can adjust the options here - they will launch the game the way you want.

Attention! You add these options with a dash (-), without space! Example: -nojoy.

Most important launch options:

-language - you can adjust the game's language here.

-novid - disable the game's intro. We all want to go straight into business, don't we?

+violence_hblood 0 - disable/enable blood in the game. Setting this to 0 disables the blood, which - particularly on older systems - can help you squeeze a few FPS more. <br>Note: the -lv parameter no longer works, so we can only toggle blood.

-nod3d9ex - this turns off some older DirectX 9 services. On older machines, this will make the game run much better.

-nojoy - disables gamepad support in the game, which may help to turn it on slightly faster.

-windowed - opens CS in a window - useful for streaming.

-full - runs CS in fullscreen.

-noborder - disables the borders in window mode.

+exec autoexec.cfg - you can specify your own config file using this command.

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