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War Games Mode in CS: GO CS GO Guide and Tips

War Games offer 6 different gameplay variations that influence the gameplay. Once the match ends, the players can choose a modifier that will be applied to the next game.

You can view the modifiers below. The list contains a number of tips that will help you get started with each mode.

The Flying Scoutsman

Each player receives a SSG08 and a knife. Gravity is disabled - the induced state results in improved accuracy.


  1. No gravity enables you to perform much further and higher jumps that can help you access unusual locations. For example, you can jump on an previously inaccessible building or a tree that will serve as a viable cover.
  2. Being in air makes you easier to hit. Avoid jumping if it isn't necessary or the area is not secure.
  3. If you are playing as CT, avoid using roofs as vantage points, as these locations are almost always surveilled by the enemy team.
  4. The Terrorist side contains a very convenient vantage point located behind the large rock not far from the starting zone. Use it to suppress the opponents appearing on the remote roof as well as those climbing the building on your left.

Heavy Assault Suit

The players can buy a Heavy Assault Suit that will increase their durability by soaking some of the damage received.


  1. Once equipped, the suit prohibits you from using Rifles.
  2. The item is best utilized during team on team combat. Use it to storm rooms and protect your teammates from harm.

Headshots Only

As can be gathered from the title, headshots are the only means of hurting our opponents. Such modes are often treated as a practice that may help our aim.

  1. Try to keep your crosshairs a bit higher than usual in order to decrease the delay before firing.
  2. Headshots Only is definitely a mode that requires a lot of personal skill. You may often find yourself losing, but the extended difficulty level is a great means of increasing your skill, so playing on may pay off in the future.
  3. Stay calm even if there is more than one opponent firing at you. Damage can be dealt only through a headshot, so you may be able to get to your opponents first.
  4. Use all means of movement. Change your position, jump, crouch - stay mobile to avoid being hit by your opponents.

Hunters - Gatherers

Players have to find player dog tags in order to score the points necessary to win the match. Each kill results in a dog tag found next to the defeated opponent.


  1. Cooperate with your teammates. Together, you can perform ambushes or concentrate fire on a single enemy, increasing your chances of survival.
  2. Make sure that the area is clear before you grab the dog tag.

Stab Stab Zap

Our choice of weaponry is limited to knives, grenades, and a modified Zeus (tazer).


  1. Zeus (taser) is only effective at melee range.
  2. A direct contact with the taser is enough to eliminate your opponent. Nevertheless, aim for the upper body to increase your effectiveness.
  3. The taser has a 30 second reload time, so make sure you don't miss your shot.
  4. You can switch your taser for a different one - it may turn out that the new weapon is fully loaded.
  5. It is easy to thwart a knifing attempt by facing the opponent head-on with the tazer.
  6. You can attempt to lure an incoming opponent by equipping a knife with an intent to use the holstered taser. If your opponent has been tempted to attack you, wait until he is close and equip the taser to eliminate him.

Trigger Discipline

A mode that will surely improve your aim, as each missed shot will deal a certain amount of damage. Fire a barrage of bullets into a wall, and you will eliminate yourself from the round.


  1. If you are not good at scoring headshots, aim at the body to increase your chances of hitting an opponent.
  2. Switch to burst mode to decrease the recoil of your weapons
  3. Dobrym pomyslem jest sprawic, aby przeciwnik spudlowal pare strzalów dzieki czemu latwiej bedzie go dobic. Staying mobile is also a good choice, as every dodged bullet hurts your opponent.
  4. You can also draw your opponent out - once he misses a few shots, eliminate him using a grenade.

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