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Weapon Expert Mode in CS: GO CS GO Guide and Tips

This is a mode, in which teams of five play for a maximum of 30 rounds including a side swap - Weapon Expert Mode in CS: GO - New modes - CS GO Game Guide

This is a mode, in which teams of five play for a maximum of 30 rounds including a side swap. Mind the fact that if you buy a weapon, you cannot buy it again in the same match. You should try to make the enemy lose all their weapons, which will make it a whole lot easier to finish them off. There are basically two approaches recommended here: you either throw everything you've got during the initial rounds and try to gain the upper hand, or you could start off easy, with pistols, and hold on until the enemies deplete.

General advice:

  • Communication is the key - everyone in the team must get along well. All quarrels shall be discussed later.
  • If you don't have a microphone (you should) use the in-game prompts and the chat.
  • If you only can - use headphones. This will allow you to notice even the tiniest sound compromising the enemies' position.
  • Remember that you can only buy a gun once. Think your choice through well and adjust the equipment to the requirements of the team.
  • Collect the weapons dropped by enemies! You can't buy it, but you still can shoot it.
  • Remember that you can give your gun (weather it's been bought or collected) to your teammate. If they are expert with the type of gun you're using and you're not doing well with this particular weapon, try switching guns with your teammates.
  • Keep one eye on your teammates - in case of danger, warn them right away.
  • In this mode, the team collisions are on, so make sure you don't clog narrow passages.
  • For the same reason, make sure that the grenade you're about to throw doesn't bounce off of your teammate. It's super important when storming.
  • Avoid open spaces. If your enemy has a sniper that's exactly what they're waiting for.
  • Manage your resources well. Buy a gun only after losing the previous one.
  • If your health is low, but the round is still ongoing, find a safe spot so you don't lose your weapon.
  • Before entering a dark room, try to make sure there's nobody inside. The enemies often hide in dark corners or right behind doors.
  • Remember that you can buy an unlimited amount of grenades and armor in each round, just as in the case of guns.
  • If you don't currently have any partner that could join you in online games, try searching on the Steam forums: "". Alternatively, you can use the in-game lobby.
  • Don't shoot while walking/jumping. Moving greatly decreases accuracy
  • When reloading, hide if possible. Reloading your gun out in the open is not the brightest idea as you risk getting shot like a duck.
  • Remember that you can throw grenades on different distances: LMB - far, RMB - close, LMB + RMB - medium.
  • Remember about Friendly Fire (FF)! Identify hostile targets first, shoot second. Killing your mate is another poor idea - it can affect the whole game.
  • Before tossing a flash-bang, smokescreen or a frag grenade, first make sure you won't hurt your teammates. Blinding him will sure not bring you any closer to victory
  • Pay some money for better armor. This will increase your survival rate.
  • If playing as anti-terrorist, make sure at least one team member has a set for disarming bombs.
  • If your teammate had the disarming set and they were killed, you need to try to retrieve the tools.
  • If your enemies planted the bomb and weren't killed, use a very simple trick: approach the bomb, start disarming for a second but immediately stop. The enemies, upon hearing the sound of the bomb being disarmed will sure come out - if you're prepared it's a perfect chance for doing them in. After killing them, disarm the bomb.

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