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Basic Tips for Operation Hydra Missions Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Guide

Before you start the game, be sure to check our tips and tricks for Operation Hydra CS:GO!

Operation Hydra also introduces numerous co-op missions - Basic Tips for Operation Hydra Missions - Missions - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game Guide

Operation Hydra also introduces numerous co-op missions. Aside from buying a special pass, the missions have to be performed with the support of a second Steam user. If you are without any available friends, visit the thread on Steam Community Forum to leave a message and wait for an answer in game. The assignments mostly see us rack kills using a designated weapon. Here are some tips that may prove to be useful during the attempts:

  1. If a member of the team has the required weapon and had previously hit an enemy that was eliminated by a different player, the kill will be awarded to the whole team.
  2. You need to gather the funds before buying the required weapon. Use the first round to hit or eliminate as many enemies as you can in order to quickly gain some cash.
  3. Once you've gathered the required amount, buy the weapon even if you are in a middle of a round in order to start racking up kills.
  4. The bombsites encompass a very small portion of the map. Leaving the bombsite is indicated by a changed shade of the screen and a characteristic sound. If you've stayed there too long, you'll die.
  5. Beating the first wave comes with virtually no effort, but each new one will be much stronger. Try to complete your task in the smallest amount of rounds as possible.
  6. Planting the bomb or the death of all team members ends the round in favor of Terrorists, which resets the kill counter, forcing you to begin the whole assignment from the beginning.
  7. If one of the team members has been killed, while the other one managed to eliminate the opponents, the mission carries on.
  8. You'll regain a portion of your health after each wave. However, make notice of the fact that if you've ended a round with only a few health points remaining, you'll begin the next one with e.g. a half of your health.
  9. Mission kills performed using the quest weapon are awarded to both players, regardless of who has eliminated the enemy.
  10. A lost round means you need to buy the quest weapon again, so maintain a small amount of cash to be able to retrieve the lost equipment instantly.
  11. Flashbangs and smoke grenades will definitely come in handy during every assignment.
  12. Aside from experience points, the end of the match may end up with a drop containing cases or random weapon skins.

The following pages contain some tips that will help you complete some of the assignments. Remember that your success also depends on how well you've cooperated, so make sure to support your teammate as well as you can. The missions are varied and even if the initial quests are rather easy, you'll encounter a few tough assignments along the way.

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