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Coral Island Guide

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Coral Island: Beginner's tips Coral Island guide

This page of the beginner's guide to Coral Island contains valuable tips for getting started. You will learn from it what you should remember in the first hours of play.

Last update: Wednesday, October 12, 2022

The following page of the Coral Island guide provides some beginner's tips. Here you will find everything that you should remember about in the first hours of the game.

This page of the guide was written based on the Early Access version of the game. It is up to date as of October 12, 2022.

Build a chest and increase the backpack

Your inventory is very limited. Therefore, you should first build a chest to keep your stuff. A basic makeshift chest costs 25 wood and 10 trash.

Lack of space in your inventory is a common nightmare in farm games such as Coral Island. Increase the limit of items you can carry as quickly as possible. You can do the first upgrade for 500 pieces of in-game currency.

Clear the passages through your field

At the beginning of the game, your field will be overgrown with bushes and trees - Coral Island: Beginners tips - Basics - Coral Island Guide

At the beginning of the game, your field will be overgrown with bushes and trees. There will be trash and stones everywhere under your feet. However, there are several paths that will allow you to move around the island faster. So it's worth clearing at least the narrow passage leading to each of them.

Renovate the house quickly

At the beginning of the game, you will receive a task to collect materials needed to renovate the house (50 wood, 20 stones). Do not wait with it - it will give you access to the TV set. Thanks to it, you will find out what the weather will be like the next day and you will learn useful tips.

Leave a few pieces of everything for you

While playing, you will be able to collect many items. These will be raw materials, vegetables, flowers, etc. It is always good to have a few pieces of an item from a given category with you. Keep them so that you can give them as gifts to other characters or use them to rebuild the island. At some point, you will be able to donate some of your supplies as sacrifices to the goddess.

Go to bed earlier and don't faint

If you do not lie down before 1 am or use all your energy (you can drop a few points below 0), you will pass out - Coral Island: Beginners tips - Basics - Coral Island Guide

If you do not lie down before 1 am or use all your energy (you can drop a few points below 0), you will pass out. This has unpleasant consequences. Aside from losing a few pieces of in-game currency, you will wake up with half your maximum stamina the next day. Later in the game, you will have food to restore energy, however, you need to watch out for this during the first few hours of the game.

You will also lose half of your energy if you go to bed after midnight. So go to bed early.

Be patient

Not all characters and places will unlock on the first day. You will meet/visit some of them as the story progress.

Collect everything

Outside of your farm, there are many things you can collect. In addition, if you have nothing interesting to do, it is worth taking up side activities - catching insects and fishing.

Use the map

The Coral Island map is very functional - Coral Island: Beginners tips - Basics - Coral Island Guide

The Coral Island map is very functional. It will show you where the inhabitants are. In addition, when you hover over the icon representing the building, you will find out if it is open at the moment and at what times you can visit it.

Don't forget Mastery

Mastery is the section in the menu that is responsible for your skills. The more time you spend on an activity, the better you will become at it. You will receive science points for this, which you can spend on various bonuses - it is worth doing it right away.

Watch out for waving tools

Even if you do not perform any action and just swing the tool, your energy will still decrease. So watch out for unnecessary movements.

You can fish anywhere

The games have got us used to the fact that we are looking for water bubbles or shadows for a good fishing spot. In Coral Island, however, this is not the case. Simply cast the line and wait - sometimes quite a long time.

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