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Cooking Simulator Guide by

Cooking Simulator Guide

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What perks and abilities to choose in Cooking Simulator Cooking Simulator guide, tips

Last update: Thursday, July 4, 2019

Despite the large selection of these improvements (perks), the game does not suggest (except for the perk of "Steady Hands") what a newcomer should choose. That's why we try to specify what perks are the best, especially for new players.

In what order you should choose and unlock both?

Good and useful abilities for the beginning:

On 1 level of experience - "Steady Hands"

On 3 level of experience- "Slow Motion"

On 5 level of experience- "Heat Proof Gloves"

On 8 level of experience- "Time Enhancer"

On 11 level of experience - "Re-roll Order"

On 14 level of experience- "Time Rewinder"

On 17 and 20 level of experience you have everything that matters most, so take what you think will bring the greatest relief in the kitchen. For example:

Do you regularly burn dishes in the oven? Choose "Thermal Vision" (we recommended it cause it's useful).

Are you already annoyed by how slow the character moves? Choose "Speed."

Or maybe you want to fulfill the achievement associated with the refund? Choose a "Refund" perk.

This way, you may easily choose everything that is most helpful in the struggle against orders and cooking. This will help you in dealing with new challenges (new types of clients, more orders, growing menus and the pace of the game). Our guidelines will help you in completing every type of challenge.

You have to bear in mind that "everything" means that you are doing well in the kitchen (don't ruin your budget by buying new plates or bottles - it's pretty hard to break a bottle but you can easily break plates by a gentle touch, so...). This will allow you to invest in more important skills than things like "unbreakable plates". However, if you have any problems related with the path we are proposing in this guide, you may choose specific skills that suit you best (every person is good at something else).

Skills good for a start:

  1. Experience (only level 1 for a start, it already gives you 50% more XP for each dish)
  2. More Time to prepare a dish (advance to level 3 as soon as possible)
  3. Slower Burn (as soon as possible to level 3)
  4. Slower Cooling (level 1 as soon as possible, the rest according to needs)
  5. Income from meals (as soon as possible to level 3)
  6. Better Tips (as soon as possible on level 3)
  7. Extended Preparation Phase (advance as soon as possible to level 3)
  8. Equipment Durability (advance as soon as possible to level 3)
  9. Extended Cleaning Phase (advance as soon as possible to level 3)

As in the case of perks, the main objective is to ensure the highest possible protection from failures (and in this case also the highest possible revenue).

We explain why the preparation and cleaning phases are important in the "How to work efficiently?" chapter of our guide.

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