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Cooking Simulator Guide by

Cooking Simulator Guide

Table of Contents

Skills in Cooking Simulator Cooking Simulator guide, tips

They are sets of passive unlockable bonuses that we "redeem" for skill points.

You get 3 skill points every level.

Each skill has 3 levels. The cost of increasing this "skill" to the next level (thereby activating the best bonuses) is growing exponentially:

  1. Level 1 = 1 skill point
  2. Level 2 = 2 skill points
  3. Level 3 = 3 skill points
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<br>We distinguish the following "skills "(grouping by types):

Providing more points and money:

  1. Income from dishes

Guests pay more for meals by 10/30/50%

  1. Cooking Points

You get 10/30/60% more cooking points for cooked meals

  1. Awards for challenges

The prizes for the Daily Challenges are increased by 10/30/50%

  1. Experience

50/60/90% more experience for the stars received from the dishes

  1. A series of dishes

Serve a series of dishes (one by one) with a total rating of 4 or more stars to get a 20/40/60% fame bonus for each series

  1. Fame gain

20/40/80% more fame points for dishes

  1. Best tips

20/40/60% higher tips

  1. Experience

50/60/90% more experience for the stars received from the dishes

  1. Equipment durability

Kitchen equipment breaks down slower by 10/20/50%

Providing cheaper services and goods:

  1. Cheaper kitchen decorations

Kitchen decorations purchase is cheaper by 20/40/60%

  1. Cheaper products

Dish ingredients can be purchased cheaper by 10/20/40%

  1. Cheaper liquids

Spices can be purchased cheaper by 10/20/40%

  1. Cheaper spices

Spices can be purchased cheaper by 10/20/40%

  1. Cheaper repair

Repairs are cheaper by 10/30/50%

  1. Cheaper recipes

New recipes and improvements to the existing ones can be bought cheaper by 20/40/60%


  1. Faster repairs

30/60/100% faster equipment repair

  1. Easier events

Restaurateurs and foodies have lowered expectations by 10/30/50%

  1. Taste tolerance

10/20/50% greater tolerance to [taste] errors in the preparation of dishes

  1. Extended Preparation Phase

preparation phase is longer by 20/40/80%

  1. Extended Cleaning Phase

cleaning phase is longer by 20/40/80%

  1. Serving Overtime

An "emergency" time for serving a dish (so-called Overtime) gets increased by 10/30/50%

  1. Extended Dish Timers

Time spent on serving a dish gets increased by 10/20/40%

  1. Slower burn

Products burn 2/3/4 times slower

  1. Slower cooling

Products cool 2/3/4 times slower

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