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Cooking Simulator Guide by

Cooking Simulator Guide

Table of Contents

Abilities in Cooking Simulator Cooking Simulator guide, tips

Last update: Thursday, July 4, 2019

These actively affect the gameplay [for example, holding the sliced products, so they do not fly away during cutting, or the ability to move around the kitchen faster].

All unlocked abilities can be active at the same time.

Starting from level 1, we get an ability to activate every 3 levels.

<br>{ramkazielona}IMPORTANT: it looks like you can only have 8 selected abilities - Abilities in Cooking Simulator - Abilities and skills (unlocks) - Cooking Simulator Guide

<br>{ramkazielona}IMPORTANT: it looks like you can only have 8 selected abilities. Make sure you choose wisely! Below, we give advice on what to choose.{/ramkazielona}

We highlight the following abilities:

  1. Skilled

Instead of being able to learn the next ability, we get 3 skill points more to use. Don't choose this ability until you reach level 20 experience.

  1. Steady Hands

The ability to hold the product during cutting. Hold "SHIFT" to activate.

  1. Fast Feet

The ability to "run" in the kitchen. Press SPACEBAR to move faster.

  1. Slow Motion

Time slows down when cutting products. Activated automatically once we start to cut.

  1. Unbreakable Plates

Damage (bruises, cracks) of the plates will not be possible.

  1. Unbreakable Bottles

Damaging bottles will not be possible.

  1. Gloves

Ability to transport hot products in bare hands (without "containers" or plates).

  1. Long Reach

Reach and remove objects from a greater distance.

  1. Refund

We can refund the customer the money for the order to protect our fame points.

  1. Thermal Vision

Know the temperature of the products without having to open the oven doors.

  1. Connections

We'll lose less fame if we mess with a food critic.

  1. Busy Day

Every day, you will get 2 "daily challenges" instead of 1 (more work but also more points).

  1. Reroll Order

Once a day, you can exchange an order for another (useful if there is some dish that you are not very good at). A new order is randomly selected.

  1. Time Extender

Once a day, we can add one minute to the time limit remaining for ALL the dishes in the queue.

  1. Time Rewinder

Once a day we can reset the "time to make a dish" on ONE order.

  1. Dish Analyzer

Ability to check what grade we get for the dish before serving it (which gives us the grade for the dish as from the client and the ability to make "corrections" before serving the dish).

  1. Fairy Touch

You get a magic wand that allows you to easily remove all dirt and debris.

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