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How to catch and use slaves? | Conan Exiles Conan Exiles guide, walkthrough

  1. Defeat your opponent in battle! The first step on the way of becoming a slaveholder is to stun an opponent in combat with a club and then tie him up with a rope. After that, drag the unconscious enemy back to your camp.
  2. On the wheel of pain! Who knows the Conan movies, knows what happens next: The slaves must be subjugated! Let them work in the wheel of pain until their will is broken. However, you should not forget to feed them again and again, otherwise your future workers will starve to death quickly - a simple porridge that can be made from plant fibers is ideal here.
  3. Use talents! The employment skills that NPCs had before enslavement are available to use when they become thralls. You must be careful to target and subdue valuable opponents. In addition to their different professions, slaves are also divided into five types of quality level: novice, adept, skilled, master and legendary.

The professions in which slaves can "work" are craftsmen, warriors, priests and artists. Warriors defend your base, craftsmen enhance crafting activities with a speed and resource bonus, priests conjure and summon the gods and artists increase your life regeneration.

Subjected NPCs also continue to work in their professions as slaves, depending on their abilities. - How to catch and use slaves? | Conan Exiles - Tips from - Conan Exiles Game Guide
Subjected NPCs also continue to work in their professions as slaves, depending on their abilities.

Search for rewarding destinations! The usefulness of a slave is also determined by how strong he was before his submission. The exiles in the river valley aren't very effective yet, but that changes the further you get into the game world. For example, on the northern plateau you can meet much stronger Darfari Cannibals, further north there is a faction of Dogs of the desert.

In the east you can encounter The Black Hand faction, a group of bandits who may give up good fighters, while the Relic Hunters in the mines in the northwest are the most powerful NPC group. They also make the best thralls for hunting and fighting activities.

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