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Conan Exiles Guide

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Things you shouldn't do in Conan Exiles | Starting Tips | Conan Exiles Conan Exiles guide, walkthrough

Try to avoid larger animals in the beginning of the game. - Things you shouldnt do in Conan Exiles | Starting Tips | Conan Exiles - Starting Tips - Conan Exiles Game Guide
Try to avoid larger animals in the beginning of the game.

It Conan Exiles, it is essential to survive in an unfriendly environment. Below is a list of a few things you should not be doing at the beginning of the game under any circumstances:

  • As one of the main elements of early in-game struggle for survival is to provide your character with access to water, don't go too far from its sources. You have to avoid the situation when your hero starts to die of thirst, because you won't be able to reach a river or lake.
  • In the game world, you appear weak and inexperienced, so don't go too far into the map, because the further from the game's starting point, the stronger the opponents are and the less favorable the aura. There will still be time for long trips.
  • Do not eat raw meat - until you unlock the "raw" skill in the "survival" section, do not eat raw meat, as this may lead to food poisoning that will result in cruel death.
  • When you see large enemies, it's a good idea to start by avoiding them at all costs and mark their location on the map in order to return there and kill them in the future. At first, there is no chance to defeat some of your opponents, so fighting them is not an easy task.
  • Don't start any combat with low amount of health points - Conan Exiles doesn't have automatic health regeneration. To increase health, you have to eat a meal and wait for the health bar to grow. When the level of health is quite low, it is worth to eat something first, and only then take up brave challenges.
  • Try not to walk around at night in Conan Exiles. The nights are dark and unpredictable. While darkness can be brightened up by a torch or fire, in the event of a sand storm the best protection is to stay at home.
  • Don't carry valuable items with you - after your character dies you lose all the items he/she had currently equipped (in order to regain them you have to find the corpse). It is better to hide all valuables in the chest of your shelter before leaving for the journey.
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