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Company of Heroes Game Guide

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Mission 14 "Autry" Company of Heroes Guide

Primary objectives - Mission 14

Primary objectives:

[*] Destroy Tiger Ace, capt. Shultz, fighting in PzKpfw VI Tiger tank

Additional objectives:

[*] Destroy 20 Axis Vehicles (reward: Legion of Merit)

Note: in this mission, besides Shultz's Tiger (painted black), you will have to face two other tanks of this type (painted with lighter camo) but they are easier to destroy than Shultz.

Many of allied vehicles were destroyed and many soldiers were killed by Jerry mentioned above. [1] It's time to put an end to his activity and to destroy his hellish Tiger tank with himself inside [*] - it's primary objective. Medal waits for you if you'll manage to destroy 20 other Axis vehicles.

[1] - Mission 14
[2] - Mission 14

Black as Death Shultz's Tiger systematically leaves the northern crossroads X, drives in your direction (south). He has his little escort - two Ostwind Flakpanzers (they can do little damages to your tanks, they're more dangerous for your infantry), sometimes you can see PzKpfw IV tank in this escort too. Shultz takes a route across the middle of a map (along the main road), then he turns left or right (as he wants in a given moment) and attacks your forces (but in my game he never attacked my base on the south). Of course, when you get closer to the north, Tiger with his escort starts turning earlier and attacks your points/sectors captured by you a moment ago. Finally, when you're really close to the german base on the north, dumb Jerry takes position on the crossroads X and stands there as a sheriff - probably he is thinking he's undestroyable... [2]

When game starts arm your Shermans tanks (in tank depot) with better 76mm guns. Arm also Sherman you've got from the beginning with MG on turret and send right (east), together with few rifle squads to seize the fuel point. And this fuel point is poorly protected by two squads of german infantry (one armed with Panzerschrecks) - kill all Krauts by hiding your soldiers behind some low walls, get your engineers close to your tank to repair it if necessary. [3] Capture the point, build OP on it, collect a Panzerschreck that might left after killed Germans. You can send here HMG team to secure achievement - place it in nearby building.

Simultaneously produce one more Sherman tank in your factory in the base and other two sections of sappers in HQ: sappers will have a task of repairing your vehicles, especially Pershing heavy tank standing there all the time - take care of this vehicle, it's your best tank. Work also on AT guns, rifle squads (maybe you can recruit some veterans from previous mission?), etc. However, tanks are most important: unfortunately you can't produce more Pershings as I remember).

[3] - Mission 14
[4] - Mission 14

You can eliminate Germans near the munitions point (to the north from captured a moment ago) at the right (east) edge of a map by attacking them from both sides of neighbouring hedgerow (move from left with your Pershing heavy tank taken from the base). Remember only to follow the tanks with engineers to repair damages: drive out from behind the hedgerow only a little so sappers doing repairs will stay in cover behind the trees. Use all wrecks you see in the area as a cover when assaulting with your infantry. You can move closer your HMG (also place it behind some wreck) to support your soldiers with suppressive fire. Take out AT gun with your Pershing tank first, then kill enemy infantry and MG-42 section, hunt down PzKpfw IV tank waiting nearby. [4]

Probably you'll see Shultz in his Tiger and with his escort. It's best to fight with him by putting out to him own riflemen or Sherman tank as a decoy and when Shultz starts to fire at them you can get out from the side with your heavy Pershing and hit Jerry from this vulnerable side. Or do it inversely - fight with Shultz frontally with your Pershing cause he's better armoured than the Sherman and can stand more. But pay attention to properly fast withdraw (reverse) your tank playing a decoy to repair him with your engineers. You can play with Tiger's escort (Ostwinds Flakpanzers) with your infantry armed with bazookas and sticky bombs - take cover behind some wrecks with them. After taking some hits Shultz turns back, uses the smokescreen and tries to escape - if you know already that area is relatively safe you can follow him a little with one of your tanks and hit him in the rear one more time (but he's fast ;-). [5] Notice: when placing the cursor over the Shultz's Tiger you'll see over him an info about actual condition of his armor - its decreases with hits taken and when equals zero, you know, "hasta la vista, babe!". Jerry withdraws to the crossroads X and after some time goes on a journey to the south once again (luckily german Pioneers don't repair him meanwhile).

[5] - Mission 14
[6] - Mission 14

If you already produced in your base another Sherman and some infantry you should attack german position to the north (but this time move along the left (west) edge of a map). Kill Germans near the munitions point (+16), watch out for enemy AT gun behind the wall, then collect all Panzerschrecks lying on the ground. [6] Armed with them you can destroy two PzKpfw IV tanks guarding the road running across the centre of a map. Get closer your AT gun (one or two) produced in the base to finish those Panzers.

Afterwards assault Germans occupying the hill further to the north: destroy the tank which could escape there, a mortar and another AT gun (you can flank from left its position with your infantry and toss a grenade into its emplacement). Find cover for your boys behind some low walls, sandbags or wrecks of vehicles. [7]

[7] - Mission 14
[8] - Mission 14

Simultaneously advance along the road in the middle (roll ahead your AT guns) and along the right (east) edge of a map. Next to another munitions point (+16) watch out for enemy AT gun hiding right, behind some wall and two Pz IV near the munitions point. Further to the north (at this edge of a map) you will encounter first Tiger at last, painted with lighter camo - he should welcome you by driving out in your direction. But even your Sherman repaired by engineers and AT guns with infantry armed with Panzerschrecks are able to destroy this heavy german tank. [8]

Just like forces moving along the left (west) edge of a map that will encounter second Tiger tank. Probably in this stage of game you will also destroy 20th Axis vehicle (summary) and additional mission objective granted with suitable medal will be completed. [9]

[9] - Mission 14
[10] - Mission 14

When moving to the north along the left edge of a map you will finally get to some buildings near the crossroads X. Attack those buildings across the middle of a map with your infantry supported by Pershing heavy tank (sappers follow him) and simultaneously flank those houses from left with your medium Sherman driving close to the edge of a map - follow him close with engineers too. Knock out with this tank enemy PzKpfw IV near the building, use infantry grenades to disable quickly two mortar emplacements between the houses. Then you can move closer with your HMG sections and put them to the buildings. [10]

You're closing to the crossroads X Shultz is probably standing on with his black Tiger tank now. Situation looks surely something like this: you're attacking Germans on both flanks with Sherman medium tanks supported by infantry, across the middle (but closer to the edge of a map) you're pushing forward with your heavy tank Pershing (engineers teams follow every tank), across the middle too, but along the road leading to the north, you're rolling closer some AT guns. Now drive from sides on the road running crosswise with both of your Shermans, destroy every german medium tanks in sight first, then AT guns. Later take care of two buildings situated in both corners of a map and sending german reinforcements to the battlefield - raze them to the ground with tank guns fire and your engineers can also make a good use of their flamethrowers because your tanks should be relatively safe and shouldn't need repairs when all enemy AT guns are destroyed. [11]

[11] - Mission 14
[12] - Mission 14

Simultaneously drive through the buildings area near the crossroads X with your Pershing tank, assault with infantry. [12]

Use soldiers' grenades to neutralize german mortars emplacements (and maybe one more AT gun position). Drive out on the road (near some tower) with your Pershing heavy tank but only a little to hide the engineers repairing your vehicle behind that tower. From this position shoot from the side at black Tiger of Shultz standing on the crossroads X - you can use your AT guns pushed closer to the crossroads X to absorb his attention: let him shoot at them when you're perforating his side armor with Pershing tank. [13]

[13] - Mission 14
[14] - Mission 14

Finally Shultz's Tiger is destroyed [*], he's dead = primary objective completed and mission ends successfully. Soldiers from Able Company can now only inspect the wreck of german Tiger tank. [14]

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