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Company of Heroes Game Guide

Table of Contents

Mission 9 "Hill 192" Company of Heroes Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Primary Objectives - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

Primary Objectives:

  1. [*] Capture Hill 192
  2. [*] Destroy Artillery Tower
  3. [*] Capture Hill 192 in 50 minutes (reward: Soldier's Medal)

Secondary Objectives:

Additional Objectives:

Note: in this mission you may have some problems with enemy rocket artillery shelling you when coming close to the hill. German remote controlled self-propelled Goliat mines can also be annoying - enemy Pioneers send them and detonate under your tanks. If you want to complete additional objective in the designed time limit don't move with your forces over the whole map, just concentrate on the assault along the left (west) edge of a map first, then turn north-east and capture small german base near the northern (top) edge of a map. Upgrade captured building to the barracks, bombard with all you've got hill 192 first and assault it finally from the north (do some passages in hedgerows with bulldozer if necessary).

Many of american soldiers were killed when trying to capture hill 192 [*]. [1] Now this task belongs to soldiers from Able company, to you. If you manage to do that in 50 minutes you'll be awarded with Soldiers's Medal.

[1] - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide
[2] - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

Produce two sections of engineers in your base to the south, first of them will have a task of extending the base. Start working on additional infantry squads also, you already have barracks. Send soldiers you have from the beginning north-west, with a task to seize two points: munitions and fuel, but one squad should move east to kill enemy AT gun crew there, near the strategic point. Then capture the gun and strategic point next to it, build OP, repel possible german infantry counterattack (afterwards you can replenish manpower of this squad in the base). Rifle squads (and one engineer team) that moved to the north-west should clear the area from enemy MG-42s and infantry (reinforce your army with riflemen produced in barracks). Neutralize MG emplacements with grenades by sneaking to them from flanks, by dirt roads, covered by hedgerows - don't rush frontally across the fields under any reason! Eliminate two MG-42s near the fuel point (left edge of a map) by attacking them from the roadside - move quickly to avoid spending too much time under the fire of two german snipers shooting from the houses. Seize munitions points, build OPs on them. Burn the bunker located near one of points using the flamethrower of your engineer team. You'll also see enemy PzKpfw IV tank behind the hedgerow - throw some sticky bomb over it if you have enough munitions. [2] You can man captured MG-42s but don't take too many because later you will have no squads to rush enemy positions. Point MGs so to repel possible counterattacks of german infantry. You're dealing with labyrinth of hedgerows so place your MGs just to cover passages in these hedgerows, Krauts can only use them if they want to come to you. When the terrain is secured this way you can run with your infantry squads to the base to replenish their human loses there.

When munitions and fuel sectors north-west are yours you should see some reinforcements arriving south: two Sherman tanks, Caliope (with rocket launcher) and Crocodile (with flamethrower and bulldozer - you can use last device to make additional passages in the hedgerows). I didn't use the bulldozer in my game for simple reason: Krauts can also use these passages made by bulldozer and you must guard them too later. Engineers in your base should build in this time some vehicle factories, especially tank depot. [3]

[3] - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide
[4] - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

Send Caliope tank along the left edge of a screen to the north (engineer team follows him), eliminate with his help german snipers occupying houses behind the road. Try to destroy also enemy PzKpfw IV tank which may occur in the area, seize with sappers quite good fuel point (+16) next to the buildings on the left. [4]

If heavily damaged Pz IV tank is trying to escape to the strategic sector further to the north (at the left edge of a screen) take a risk of pursuing him with your Sherman and try to finish Jerry - otherwise german Pioneers will repair Pz IV in the twinkling of an eye (game cheats). Repair your vehicle with own engineers following it. Shell with Caliope's rockets german strategic point situated near the road leading to the north. [5]

[5] - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide
[6] - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

Then you can drive closer and finish the survivors: enemy sniper hiding in a building (this is a small german base sending reinforcements to the battlefield), MG-42 and some infantry. Seize the strategic point, capture the house. Another german bunker is located on the road turning behind the trees - your engineers can sneak to it through the ditch running north-east along the road (the passage leading to the ditch is to the left from german building-base) and burn it. [6]

At the same time rest of your soldiers should seize munitions point (+ 16) not far away by killing the crews of enemy mortar and MG-42 (you can capture first one) and finishing some infantry patrolling around. Remember to get closer with your HMGs to support your assaulting infantry first and to protect the area captured by riflemen later.

Send east your tanks produced in the base (with 1-2 teams of engineers) to seize next fuel point (+16) in the corner of a map - the terrain there is good for vehicles, worse for infantry (poor cover). You will have to face several german tanks PzKpfw IV - wreck them with yours, repair damages of own vehicles with your engineers before you will drive forward. [7] Fuel point in a corner of a map should be protected only by one AT gun Pak 38 - no problem. Build OP on captured point with your sappers - your next tanks should be produced more effectively in effect.

[7] - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide
[8] - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

Then move from there to the north, in the hill 192 direction, watching out for other enemy tanks and Goliats sending by german Pioneers. [8]

Simultaneously your infantry and a Crocodile tank should conquer centre of a map - burn german MG-42 behind the low wall, bunker in a corner of a hedgerow and a mortar just behind of it (capture this weapon with your soldiers), kill enemy infantry. [9]

[9] - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide
[10] - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

If you coordinated good your assault you should drive (with a pretty wide front) from south/south-east into the german town situated near the road leading to the east. Burn the Krauts occupying buildings on the crossroads but don't drive on it (stay behind the hedgerow) or you will lose your tank under the fire of very dangerous 88mm AA/AT gun Flak 36 located nearby! Destroy that gun with mortar rounds or kill its crew with your sharpshooter (if you have one in the area) or rush its emplacement with your infantry and throw a grenade into it. You can capture this 88mm gun (it's commendable) because you can see two PzKpfw IV tanks near the building next to the emplacement and two more can occur on the scene driving from nearest strategic point - open fire at them from captured 88mm gun, eventually get closer with another AT gun seized in the beginning of a mission near the strategic point east of your base. [10]

Destroy with your tanks driving from the south enemy vehicles in sight, kill german soldiers with the Crocodile taken from the crossroads when he finished his job there. [11]

[11] - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide
[12] - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

Later burn also german halftrack (armed with flamethrower as I remember) near a building at the east edge of a map (this is another german small base). Set this house on fire and fry every Jerry trying to escape from it. [12] Seize the fuel point and two strategic ones nearby (to the north), clearing the area with your Crocodile tank. When capturing this closer to the centre of a map watch out for possible infantry counterattacks.

Drive uphill (north) from it, climbing on the hill with artillery tower on it [*] - this tower has a nice field of view and directs the fire of enemy rocket arty. Kill the crew of AT gun first, you can capture it then and point toward the tower. Try to neutralize the tower as quickly as possible - burn this structure or use tank guns and you will complete secondary mission objective. Take care of Germans (infantry and tanks) that may occur on the side. [13]

[13] - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide
[14] - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

When you finished with the tower turn right with your Crocodile and burn neighbouring bunker. Germans will be probably sending here their forces - some infantry squads, halftracks with flamethrowers and tanks - so it's good to set up some AT gun on the hill near the destroyed tower and turn it toward that direction. Pay attention that this area is also in enemy rocket artillery range directed straightly from the hill 192! [14]

At the same time your tanks should drive left (to the west) from a tower passing it by and turn south-west (driving downhill) to hunt down from sides or rear two PzKpfw IV tanks hiding behind the hedgerow. Destroy also a bunker below, capture with your infantry nearest strategic and munitions points. [15]

[15] - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide
[16] - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

Afterwards move to the north to seize another fuel point and last of small german bases at once. Neutralize with your mortar/sharpshooter/infantry dangerous 88mm Flak 36 gun which has an emplacement near the road. You will get to the rest of Germans (two tanks Pz IV and a halftrack - among other things) by driving the dirt road to the main (they're crossing near the Flak gun position). Probably you can do a passage in the hedgerow to the right (east) from the main road using your Crocodile-bulldozer and take these Germans by a surprise. I think also there is another passage in the northern hedgerow you can sand your infantry through to attack Krauts from the rear. I didn't try last two options - I assaulted Jerrys frontally by the road leading from south-west. Destroy enemy tanks with yours (repairing by your engineers), you can probably use against them neutralized 88mm Flak 36 on the crossroads too. Do the same with a halftrack (even armoured car Greyhound can take him out), kill enemy infantry in a building-base. Then seize fuel point and this house - upgrade it to the barracks: you will send from it rifle squads during your assault on hill 192. [16]

But before you start your final assault on hill 192 it's wise idea to make some reconnaissance, to reveal some german positions on it. You can do that job by sneaking with your camouflaged and shooting only on your command sharpshooter or driving uphill with one of your tanks - scout around, then use your off-map artillery to knock out enemy AT guns and bunkers. Just remember to seize nearby points to increase the range of your arty. Your engineers should also have a possibility to set up some howitzers (if you earned and spent enough command points) - don't hesitate to use this weapon against Germans on hill 192. Sherman Caliope with his rocket launcher is also a good tool of artillery preparation (barrage). Shortly: shell the Krauts on hill 192 with all you've got before you attack them! [17] Especially try to destroy mentioned earlier two AT guns Pak 38 (pointed to the narrow passage south-east; so don't push your tanks that way) and two concrete bunkers.

[17] - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide
[18] - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

Only then you can move on the hill with infantry and tanks, taking a route from captured a moment ago small german base, along the northern edge of a map, then turn right to attack hill 192 from the north. Try to coordinate your action so to have your forces climbing up the hill just after the artillery barrage, when Germans are pinned down - start moving when artillery is still shelling their positions, but watch out for german rocket artillery barrage! Knock out with your Shermans single PzKpfw IV tank which may occur on the hill, burn with Crocodile bunkers that survived your barrage (especially this one which can pin down your infantry rushing the hill). [18]

After razing the terrain to the ground with your artillery barrage you may find no good cover for your soldiers on that hill so help them with Crocodile tank burning all in sight. [19] All the time watch out for enemy rockets (they will fall down to the last moment probably) and for Goliat mines that may get under your tanks even now - remember to keep the engineers near your tanks.

[19] - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide
[20] - Mission 9 Hill 192 - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

To end this mission as fast as possible (Germans probably send more and more troops from the survived bunker-base) quickly seize the strategic point in the centre with one of rifle squads simultaneously placing your Crocodile tank opposite to the exit from a bunker to burn all Krauts running out from it. [20]

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