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Company of Heroes Game Guide

Table of Contents

Mission 7 "Sottevast" Company of Heroes Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Primary objectives - Mission 7 Sottevast - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

Primary objectives:

[*] Destroy V2 Launch Assembly

Secondary objectives:

[*1] Destroy Oxygen Tanks

[*2] Assault Main Entrance

[*3] Defend Main Entrance

Additional objectives:

[*] Eliminate Base Komandant (award: Air Medal)

You've got only one primary objective in this night mission - to destroy V2 launch assembly [*]. [1]

[1] - Mission 7 Sottevast - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide
[2] - Mission 7 Sottevast - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

You start your game on south with couple of paratroopers squads. At the start you can replenish their manpower (if you want to wait patiently till additional parachutists will land on the ground ;-). Afterwards move north, to the main entrance of german building complex. Right in front of the entrance you can hide your soldiers behind some trucks but they give rather poor protection against german bullets, these fired from MG-42 and 20mm AA gun Flak 38. So better fire-up your people and assault enemy positions - hide behind sandbags (good cover), throw grenades. [2] Man captured AA gun (if in one piece) and one of MG-42s (then replenish manpower of your squads), turn them towards enemy base because you would have to repel german infantry counterattacks. Germans run out from two watchtowers standing in the main entrance - they've got additionally MG-42s on the towers. Remember from now on: every watchtower in building complex area (I've marked them with red squares on my map) has MG-42 position on it and sends german reinforcements to the battlefield. So you should destroy both watchtowers with paratroopers' explosives to end this practice. First breach the wall you see on the left on picture [2] with one explosive charge.

Run through the hole with two paratroopers squads and take cover behind nearby trucks. Then fire-up your soldiers and quickly blow up left watchtower with explosives (throw them under it), afterwards do the same with right tower (use second squad). Now move captured MG-42s closer to the entrance (you can leave AA gun now) because Krauts still attack this area - now they are disembarking from a halftrack which transport them here. So place your MGs to make them disembarking from the vehicle repugnant. Seize the strategic point situated in the main entrance with one squad (use soldiers that manned AA gun for example) and build an observation post on it to complete secondary objective [*2] (to assault main entrance). Now you have third secondary goal - to defend it [*3]. In the lower left corner of the screen (over the minimap) you'll see the timer counting off time designed for that task, you have 10 minutes. [3]

[3] - Mission 7 Sottevast - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide
[4] - Mission 7 Sottevast - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

Germans aren't in a hurry to recapture the main entrance, they only send some infantry squads from time to time so you can leave there MG-42 team, one or two, and move with rest of forces to side sectors - munitions and strategic. Send one paratroopers squad to the right (east), move along the fence, behind some containers. You'll see a pile of boards (or something like that) behind the last container - it gives good protection (green shield) so take cover behind it for a moment, fire-up your soldiers and destroy the watchtower with MG-42 using satchel charges (throw them under it). Hop behind the pile once again (replenish the manpower), wait a moment, fire-up again and run to eliminate the crew of enemy AA gun. Seize the sector, build an observation post, bring there your own MG-42 to protect the trophy. [4]

Do the same in strategic sector to the left (west) from the main entrance - eliminate using grenades/satchel charges enemy AA gun and MG-42, destroy next watchtower first. Notice some weapons and ammo supplies lying here in white circles (and white dots on my map) - collect them with your soldiers to enlarge the firepower of your squads with Panzerschrecks and light MG-42s. [5] If you see enemy halftracks standing on your way destroy them quickly with captured Panzerschrecks or use the explosives charges (fire-up your people before last action).

[5] - Mission 7 Sottevast - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide
[6] - Mission 7 Sottevast - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

When the timer over the minimap counts off last seconds from 10 minutes you've had for defending the main entrance you'll see allied reinforcements driving up to the entrance from south - a halftrack armed with machineguns and an engineer team. Hop in with sappers to the bunker in the main entrance, they will be useful later. [6] Send a halftrack to the left (west) to help paratroopers moving further to the north along the left edge of a map from a captured a moment ago strategic sector. However, you still have to defend the main entrance as before because timer over the minimap started again and counts another few minutes - third of secondary objectives [*3] (defend the main entrance) is still uncompleted.

Meanwhile you should collect some command points - use them as you wish but I suggest to spend them on recon plane (when in air it uncovers all enemy units situated under the flight lane) and transport plane (you can paradrop some additional squads from it). But pay attention that if you want to use these aircrafts (recon, transport or fighter planes) the spot you want them to fly over must be in your operational range - enlarge the last one by seizing next sectors. And take into account that your plane may be shot down by enemy AA guns... [7]

[7] - Mission 7 Sottevast - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide
[8] - Mission 7 Sottevast - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

Paratroopers moving to the north along the left edge of the screen (supported by a halftrack) will finally reach oxygen tanks [*1] on the right. You should blow them up to complete first of secondary objectives. But first destroy another watchtower, neutralize MG-42 emplacement in front of a bunker and AA gun under the tanks, kill Germans also hiding there. It's best to destroy enemy tank PzKpfw IV hiding behind the bunker from the rear by sneaking along the fence you see on left. Treat him with satchel charges and Panzerschrecks. Your halftrack shouldn't has problems with german but if he has - blow Jerry up with explosives. In the top corner of picture [8] you see one more watchtower sending reinforcements to the battlefield - fire-up your paratroopers and quickly destroy the tower with satchel charge too. Then throw a grenade over the fence to disable another AA gun. Remember to replenish human loses of your squads. [8]

After all you can finally blow up oxygen tanks [*1] to complete secondary objective - place the explosives your paratroopers have (but not throwable, the other ones) by clicking on central icon in orders menu, then under the tanks. Mining will take some time because soldiers place the explosives in several places. When all is done get away for safe distance and initiate the explosion by clicking on the detonator with red text "Detonate me!" you'll see under the oxygen tanks. [9] In the distance on this picture you see also stairs leading to the roof of building complex.

[9] - Mission 7 Sottevast - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide
[10] - Mission 7 Sottevast - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

And on roof a concrete bunker manned with elite infantry, Knight's Cross holders, and german komandant of this base is situated, protected from outside by MG-42 emplacement. However, don't push your men there because you will lose them rapidly. You can sacrifice one squad at most to blow up this bunker with satchel charges which will provoke german komandant and his escort to escape from this fortification to another (also on roof) but it will be easier for you to kill him (additional mission objective [*]) later. [10]

At the same time (after some minutes counted off by the timer over the minimap) you'll will see at the main entrance latest allied reinforcements - an armoured car Greyhound and medium tanks Sherman. Their arrival will complete last [*3] of secondary objectives - defending of main entrance. [11]

[11] - Mission 7 Sottevast - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide
[12] - Mission 7 Sottevast - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

Move your fresh reinforcements to the right (west), follow them with engineers taken from a bunker in the main entrance, they'll have repair tasks. Meanwhile paratroopers near the destroyed oxygen tanks can seize munitions sector in the middle of a map and neutralize AA gun and Ostwind Flakpanzer there. When you reach eastern edge of a map with both Shermans destroy single PzKpfw IV tank first and another Ostwind Flakpanzer a moment later. Raze to the ground with tank guns the watchtower, kill all enemy infantry running out from it, destroy another AA gun behind the fence. [12] Seize the munitions point with your soldiers, repair possible damages of your tanks. Afterwards move further, turn left as the road goes.

You'll reach another watchtower and AA gun - destroy both with tanks guns. Now you must be careful - there is a 88mm Flak 36 AA/AT gun (very dangerous for your tanks) on german building complex's roof, right behind the (let's say) ramp. It's best to destroy/capture it by paradropping one squad next to it (on roof). Only when paratroopers have done their job you can move closer with your tanks to support them: kill enemy infantry near the "ramp" but first of all - destroy with both Shermans another AT gun (Pak 38) on the "ramp" and german tank which may appear on the north. [13] Afterwards move left, drive on building complex's roof with your vehicles.

[13] - Mission 7 Sottevast - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide
[14] - Mission 7 Sottevast - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

On the roof your soldiers should watch out for german snipers hiding on it. Order your tanks to open fire to concrete bunker to the left from a "ramp" containing german komandant of the base (he should be there if you blew up his previous hide-out). He can try to escape with his elite escort once again but this time he should ran out of his luck. By killing him you'll complete additional mission objective [*] awarded with Air Medal. [14]

Afterwards you can ride downhill with your vehicles, paratroopers should clear the roof from rest of german forces (MG-42, two AA guns Flak 38) collecting by the way weapons lying in white circles and seizing strategic point finally. [15] Then you can rejoin them with your vehicles.

[15] - Mission 7 Sottevast - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide
[16] - Mission 7 Sottevast - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

And these vehicles should drive to the V2 rocket launch assembly [*] which you have to destroy (it's primary goal in this mission as you remember). When driving in this direction destroy every enemy on your way (for example an armoured car), flatten to the ground another (one before last) watchtower with MG-42, kill enemy infantry running out of it. However, before you will pass by the ruins and drive on to the square in front of a launch assembly repair solidly your tanks with engineers. Simultaneously paradrop some squads to the corner of a square, at the west edge of a map, near the destroyed AA gun (you've disabled it earlier during the fight next to the oxygen tanks). They should quickly destroy the last watchtower (one squad with satchel charge) and then AT gun near the last AA gun (second squad). Only afterwards you can drive on the square with your tanks: immediately turn right just behind the gate and quickly finish the last PzKpfw IV tank hiding in the corner - open fire with both Shermans. [16]

Finish rest of Germans on the square and it's time to move right under the rocket. If you see there some more Krauts trying to defend it to the last drop of blood give them a chance to do it - I mean: kill them ( as they wish. [17] Then mine the V2 rocket with your explosives (as you did with oxygen tanks earlier).

[17] - Mission 7 Sottevast - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide
[18] - Mission 7 Sottevast - Game Guide - Company of Heroes Game Guide

Get away for safe distance and detonate your bombs to trigger chain reaction - the whole german building complex blows up to the sky in a big and loud explosion and you can report to the HQ about completing primary objective. [18]

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