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Company of Heroes Game Guide by

Company of Heroes Game Guide

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Mission 2 "Vierville" Company of Heroes Guide

Primary Objectives - Mission 2

Primary Objectives:

[*1] Destroy all Anti-Aircraft Guns

[*2] Secure road

[*3] Set up Convoy Ambush & Destroy the Convoy

Secondary Objectives:

[*1] Secure munitions sector

[*2] Rescue Baker Company

Additional Objectives:

[*] Eliminate road patrols (award: Parachutist Badge)

Note: In this mission expect small german counterattacks on almost every captured by you position. In some cases you can be surprised by enemy infantry squads entering the battlefield off-map.

Watch the breathtaking movie full of lights effects and it's time to play. [1]

[ 1] - Mission 2
[ 1]
[2] - Mission 2

Your first of primary objectives in this mission is to destroy german AA guns emplacements [*1], you should neutralize all of them but sometimes you'll have a chance to capture one of them and use it against ground targets. Send two paratroopers squads you have at your disposal at the beginning through the swamp to the first AA gun emplacement on the east - take a route marked with green circles on suitable picture [2]. Fire-up your guys by left-clicking on suitable icon in orders menu, you can also replenish their manpower by clicking on icon with white cross in the lower right corner of the screen (additional paratroopers will then join the squads).

When you reach enemy AA gun emplacement take positions behind the sandbags - from there you can patiently shoot the Krauts securing gun or kill them with grenades. Then jump closer to the enemy gun and disable it by throwing satchel charge into it. [3]

[ 3] - Mission 2
[ 3]
[ 4] - Mission 2
[ 4]

Afterwards seize nearest munitions point [*1] with one squad (it's first of secondary objectives), cover your man doing this with second. Then build an observation post on captured point. [4] When all is done here move forward, to the north.

It's time to accomplish next secondary objective [*2], to save boys from Baker Company besieged by Krauts in nearby barn (yellow square on the map). [5]

[ 5] - Mission 2
[ 5]
[ 6] - Mission 2
[ 6]

When approaching this spot from the south place your soldiers behind low walls and let them shoot Jerry straight on. One of enemy squads will react by manning MG-42 standing in front of a barn, rest of them will hide behind the walls. Fire-up people you have behind the right wall and rush to the right, then take cover behind the second low wall next to the Germans. At the same time paradrop one squad as game suggests on the road to the left from a barn and hide them behind the cart or wall there. Now these two paratroopers squads can throw grenades. [6] After the fight secure nearest munitions point, collect two MG-42s, light and heavy (replenish the manpower of a squad which will take HMG). Boys from Baker Company you've saved a moment ago will join you so you will have four squads.

Send HMG team and one of your squads to the crossroad behind the barn (on the north). Two squads should go east, to the next ammo point. Quickly capture munitions point with one of them, place second opposite to the bunker you'll see there. Try to kill german officer near the bunker and all the Krauts running out from it. The officer will probably jump to the bunker - take this coward out by throwing a satchel charge into the fortification, this should kill him and stop germans from running out. Build an observation post on captured munitions point and man one of two 50mm AT guns Pak38 you will find there (big white dots on my map). You can also collect ammo box. [7] Afterwards quickly move to the crossroads [*] northwest.

[ 7] - Mission 2
[ 7]
[ 8] - Mission 2
[ 8]

You can secure with one of the squads a strategic point passing by beside the road and start building an observation post on it. On the crossroad [*] you should quickly set up an ambush on german motorized convoys driving this way. Quickly set up heavy MG-42 and Pak38 gun, place some sandbags in front of them eventually, mine the road as game suggests and hide one squad behind the wreck near the road. Rest of your soldier can collect two Panzerschrecks lying on the ground nearby in white circles (small white dots on my map) and move to the west to another munitions sector - there's no sense in waiting here for german convoys with all of your forces because enemy is riding here from time to time in small convoys and your AT gun and HMG should be enough to stop them. Here, on the crossroads [*], patiently eliminate all vehicles that come from the north by the road - some motorcycles, halftracks with infantry. As I said it will be several transport columns passing by in different time intervals and when you'll finally destroy all of these road patrols (it's additional objective) you will be awarded with Parachutist Badge for that act. [8]

Munitions point to the west attack with two paratroopers squads: take a north route with one, move from the south with second. First eliminate german squad hiding near the wood, then kill one more which will appear on map from south (it's one of those unexpected counterattacks ;-). Then secure with several soldiers munitions point, build an observation post on it, at the same time covering your people with second squad looking to the west: another weak counterattack will come from that direction. [9]

[ 9] - Mission 2
[ 9]
[ 10] - Mission 2
[ 10]

Let's go back to the main road now, to the strategic point you've secured with one squad. One of your primary objectives is to secure this road by capturing these strategic points along the main road [*2]. After seizing this one take one more squad (from the crossroad [*]) and move north. But first toss a grenade into nearby MG-42 position, shoot the rest of the Krauts (fire-up your soldiers before this action). Abandoned MG-42 you can occupy if you didn't destroy it. [10]

Open fire from this HMG to cover your people running forward (to the north), to another strategic point and AA gun emplacement with trenches. Hide your soldiers behind low walls you'll see there, get your MG-42 closer and eliminate all Jerrys securing AA gun and its crew. You'll see another paratrooper squad to the right from AA gun - just click this squad to control these soldiers. [11] Watch out for enemy infantry counterattacks coming up from the north, west and east - last squad of enemy soldiers enters the battlefield off-map!

[ 11] - Mission 2
[ 11]
[ 12] - Mission 2
[ 12]

After the fight seize strategic point, build observation post and set up MG-42 to cover this place from the north (place HMG behind block of wood you'll see in the alleyway - right edge of the picture [12]). Don't occupy AA gun, destroy it with explosives. [12]

Now it's time to attack to the west, another munitions point/sector. Place somebody with light MG-42 or Panzerschreck behind the low wall on the left to pin down enemy MG-42 crew and eventually some german soldiers you'll see on the west. Rush with rest of your people (you should have one or two squads) across the field to the cart you'll see on it. You can run on to the field path and a hedgerow on the left and throw a grenade into enemy emplacement. Occupy munitions point behind the hedgerow with one squad, cover your people with second because some Germans will try to recapture that point (they'll come from the north, by the field path). So take cover behind the tractor on the field or sandbags around the abandoned heavy MG-42. [13]

[ 13] - Mission 2
[ 13]
[ 14] - Mission 2
[ 14]

Now let's go back to the crossroad [*] you have placed AT gun and HMG on it with the task to eliminate all german motorized road patrols. Until now this task should be accomplished. So carefully bring that AT gun and HMG along the main road to the north-west to uncover another MG-42 emplacement and some infantry hiding behind the sandbags at the turning of the road. Open fire from your gun and HMG, you can simultaneously strike the enemy with paratrooper squad taken from munitions sector south of here (swamps). Flank germans behind the hedgerow, toss a grenade. [14] Then quickly install your HMG and AT gun on captured position, point them to the north, towards the road (you can place some additional sandbags with your paratroopers). Ah, repel german counterattack (1-2 squads) first - enemy will come from west, use sandbags as cover.

After action take the squad you have on the south (swamps) and move to the north, to another AA gun emplacement. This enemy position is well fortified - you'll see there two squads of enemy infantry, same number of MG-42s - so take one more squad from road turning. When you reach enemy hide your soldiers behind the low walls to the south and let them fire at will. It's good to equip them with some Panzerschrecks or recoilless rifles (you can do the last thing during their journey through the swamps by clicking on suitable icon in the lower right corner of the screen). Simultaneously select one more paratrooper squad you'll see north from german position (this squad is marked with yellow icon on my map) - they are closer to the enemy so they can throw satchel charge into emplacement and quickly eliminate both MG-42s and AA gun. [15] Shoot rest of the Krauts then quickly jump into captured emplacement with all of your men. Use sandbags as cover, man undamaged MG-42s and repel weak german counterattack (one squad of infantry) coming from the north. Don't forget to seize nearest strategic point and to build on it an observation post.

[ 15] - Mission 2
[ 15]
[ 16] - Mission 2
[ 16]

Afterwards move north again. Next to the munitions point kill some infantry and mortar crew. When capturing ammo point watch out for small enemy counterattack coming off-map, from left (west). You can man abandoned mortar and start shelling (area fire) next german AA gun emplacement north from your position, near another strategic point. If you captured MG-42 earlier you can place it behind the tractor on the field to the left to cover your mortar team from north because Germans will send some infantry. [16] Send rest of your soldiers to the right, to the main road.

Now it's time to capture next strategic point by the road. Get closer with your HMG and AT gun you have on the south, on road turning. Set up HMG on the left road margin, behind the wing of crashed glider and start shooting Germans near the strategic point (MG-42 and some infantry behind the sandbags). Simultaneously attack Jerrys from left and right with your paratroopers squads - both squads taken from munitions sectors. [17]

[ 17] - Mission 2
[ 17]
[ 18] - Mission 2
[ 18]

After short fight Germans should be finished. Secure strategic point, get closer to it with your HMG and AT gun, hide behind the sandbags and repel stronger enemy counterattack: two squads of infantry coming along the road from the north and maybe one more squad approaching from north-east. [18] Remember that your paratroopers can place additional sandbags (left-click on suitable icon in the lower right corner of the screen).

To the right from this place is another strategic point. Take from the south your next HMG team, place it behind the broken glider next to the field path, point it to the north. When it's ready to fire strike with your infantry to the left to capture strategic point and to the right (block of wood). Kill Jerrys you'll see behind sandbags in the distance, run up there with paratrooper squad and eliminate german mortar section coming from the north. [19] You can man the mortar but remember about population cap - too many weapons sections and there will be no infantry squads to assault enemy positions ;-).

[ 19] - Mission 2
[ 19]
[ 20] - Mission 2
[ 20]

Munitions point extremely to the east attack with infantry - send one squad from the south and north but first bring there one HMG team and place it in the crater to cover assaulting infantry. [20] Get it closer after the fight, set up near the munitions point and kill Jerrys running here from the north.

Afterwards move north to another munitions point, go along the wood (HMG team can follow paratroopers). Capture munitions point, build observation post on it. Simultaneously set up HMG so it will be able to shoot to the north and north-east (soon you'll see 1-2 german squads coming from that direction). Notice that on site of the ruin to the right you'll find some abandoned mortars and bazookas (AT weapon) - collect them if you wish, replenish the manpower of units that will do that but remember about population cap (don't worry about it if you're taking bazookas). Open fire from mortar - start shelling Germans hiding behind the trees to the north. [21]

[ 21] - Mission 2
[ 21]
[ 22] - Mission 2
[ 22]

Let's go back to the left (west) edge of the map now. A mortar you have captured there should provide fire on fortified german AA gun emplacement (to the north). Till now it's possible that all the Krauts in the emplacement will be dead. If not - time to finish them. Get your HMG and AT gun you have on the road closer to enemy position, place them behind the wreck on left road margin. Simultaneously get closer with your infantry too: attack from both sides (left&right) but don't cross the road with squad approaching from the right - leave these soldiers near the road and order them to observe the north cause some Germans may come from that direction (along the road). Open fire from your HMG and AT gun, target nearest enemy AA gun emplacement. Assault german position with paratroopers coming from the left. [22] Quickly install yourself on captured emplacement (take control over AA gun if it's undamaged) and repel bigger german counterattack coming up from the north (several squads of infantry). Hence now you should act quickly because this area is in enemy mortar's range. German mortar is placed in heavily fortified position on the north - you'll see there two pillboxes with infantry inside each of them, another (the last) AA gun, AT gun and MG-42, some trenches.

Strike these Germans from the south, from munitions sector, but don't cross the main road - just take positions behind the fence along the road. Get closer all your mortars and start shelling enemy mortar hiding in a trench. When Jerry is concentrating his attention on this part of your forces attack him from left, from AA gun emplacement you've seized earlier. [23] Throw satchel charge into closest bunker, jump into trenches behind it and finish german survivors. Quickly prepare yourself to another small counterattack (1-2 squads) coming from north-west.

[ 23] - Mission 2
[ 23]
[ 24] - Mission 2
[ 24]

After the battle quickly install yourself on captured position, seize the strategic point (the one before last) near the AA gun. But do not jump into the trenches with all of your forces - leave these south of the road where they are. And don't capture the last strategic point on the main road, you'll do it later! Mine the road, organize some battlestations south of it. Shortly: start preparing here [*3] an ambush for enemy motorized convoy which will be passing by soon (german vehicles will arrive from north of course). Do the same north of the road: place soldiers with Panzerschrecks in bunkers, man MG-42 and AT gun (if they're undamaged), jump into the trenches with rest of your soldiers. Take control over AA gun - even if it's undamaged first of your primary objectives (to destroy all AA guns [*1]) should be accomplished. When you're sure you're good prepared for german convoy seize last strategic point on the road to accomplish one of primary objectives (securing the road [*2]). [24] Formally the game will ask you to prepare an ambush for german convoy but you are prepared and ambush is ready! Anyway, you have additional two minutes to make eventual corrections.

After that time you'll see short cutscene showing oncoming german motorized convoy. [25]

[ 25] - Mission 2
[ 25]
[ 26] - Mission 2
[ 26]

Germans will try to pass by with several motorized columns - some trucks at first, after that motorcycles and halftracks. Destroy'em all (their vehicles when out of control have a nasty habit of driving right into your soldiers and explode ;-). Kill with your HMGs enemy infantry running out of damaged vehicles, shortly: give them a hell on earth! [26] After the fight you will be informed that primary objective (to destroy the convoy [*3]) has been accomplished and you'll see a movie showing american paratroopers on the battlefield. That's it, end of mission.

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