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Champions of Anteria Game Guide

Champions of Anteria Game Guide

Fight for Anteria!The Champions of Anteria guide describes all the key elements and helps in starting out in the game. It also tells how to develop the village, which heroes to choose and how to complete all of the available scenarios.


Champions of Anteria is the spiritual successor of The Settlers saga, enriched with RPG elements and missions in which you command a group of heroes. This guide provides description of the game interface and it discusses key elements of the game. You will also learn useful information that will allow you to liberate the Kingdom of Anteria from your enemies. Additionally, you will learn new heroes that you will command, and their abilities. Apart from that, this guide provides walkthroughs for the most difficult of scenarios and discuss boss battles.

This guide to Champions of Anteria includes:

  • description of game interface and basic game options;
  • general hints that you will find useful during the game;
  • description of key elements to develop;
  • discussion of issues connected with development of your village;
  • descriptions of heroes and their key abilities;
  • detailed walkthroughs for the most demanding scenarios;
  • description of boss battles;

About Champions of Anteria Game Guide

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last update : July 20, 2016

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Champions of Anteria Video Game

Champions of Anteria
  • genre: Strategy

  • developer: Blue Byte Software
  • publisher: Ubisoft
  • platform: PC

Champions of Anteria is a strategic RPG game, in which we fight for the dominion of Anteria, clashing with the Dune Tribe, Greybeards, and Broken Crown. The title allows to control a team made up from three heroes. Each of them represents one of the five warring elements, and has his own range of skills, which we choose before a mission.

The mechanics of fighting are similar to the hack-and-slash Torchlight, combined with World of Warcraft and Divinity: Original Sin. So we are looking at a colorful and fast slasher with multistage boss skirmishes and a system of active pause, which allows us to rethink our next moves.

Aside from fighting, Champions of Anteria for PC / Windows offers the ability to manage a small kingdom, in which we build new structures, create weapons, items and potions.

Tasks are divided into two categories. The first category is a preparatory stage, during which we conquer succeeding areas, escort wagons, and defend the towers. Afterwards, when we are ready, we attack the capital of the enemy faction, which is an expanded mission ending with a clash with a powerful boss.

More About Champions of Anteria

Champions of Anteria Hands-on – The Settlers-like RPG

Champions of Anteria offers a mix of RPG and strategy; something very different from the parent game is was born from. Quality aside, the question is whether that’s necessarily a bad thing.

The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria is now Champions of Anteria, but Settlers franchise isn't done yet

The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria is not coming out. However, the game is not dead – it just transformed into Champions of Anteria instead. Along with the new title comes a gameplay shift towards tactical RPG.

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