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Call of Juarez Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Call of Juarez Game Guide & Walkthrough

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Reverend Ray | Helpful hints Call of Juarez Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fighting enemies. There are two types of battles during the game. You will be dealing with typical gunfights for the most of the time. If you've played a more realistic shooter game in the past, you will know exactly what to do. I have to warn you, though. Most of the battles in "Call of Juarez" are quite challenging, so you won't be able to perform risky stunts or stay in the open for too long. I'm sure that less experienced players may have some problems with this approach. Start off by slowing down the pace a little. You won't have to hurry. Take your time to eliminate all nearby hostiles. You will have to choose your targets carefully. Start off with these bandits who are standing close to your position, as they pose a very serious threat. You will also have to avoid being hit. Ray has an additional armor, however in most cases it wouldn't do you much good. As a result, make sure that you're using nearby objects for cover. Thankfully, you shouldn't have any serious problems finding them. You should be crouching behind crates, barrels or even pillars. You could also use some of the larger objects. Walls of the nearby buildings seem like a good idea. Additionally, you will have to be leaning out a lot. Thankfully, most of the cover objects can't be destroyed, so you should be quite safe, even if you manage to find yourself under a heavy fire. Just make sure that none of the bandits surprises you be moving closer to your position. As for the bandits, most of them will remain in their original positions, so you won't have any major problems locating them. Some of the enemies may try to perform various stunts, however these actions are very easy to predict. I'd strongly recommend that you aim at their heads. Thanks to that, you will be able to end such a battle without having to spend too much ammunition. I would recommend that you use one of the more precise weapons. Revolvers seem like a good idea and there's always plenty of ammunition for you to pick up. The second type of a battle involves activating the slow-motion feature. You can divide this category to two different groups. First of all, you will be able to use the slow-motion during standard gunfights. I'd strongly recommend that you activate each time when you enter a small room that's being occupied by at least two bandits. Thanks to that, you will be able to eliminate them without losing any health. You will also have to take part in several duels. Each of these fights is quite unique, so it would be best if you had read the main walkthrough section for any additional instructions. The only thing for you to remember is to be very quick. This is your key to success.

Useful equipment. Ray will be using his weapons for the most of the game. There are several types of guns for you to find. You start off with revolvers, however later during the game you'll be able to find shotguns and rifles. I'm sure that you're going to have some favourite weapons, however you will have to remember about a few important things. Early in the game, a standard Colt should be enough. Make sure that you use both revolvers to activate the slow-motion feature. Some of the later missions will require you to use more powerful weapons. Some of the shotguns seem like a good idea, however you won't be able to eliminate snipers or more distant enemies with these weapons. I'd strongly recommend that you exchange these weapons for one of the available rifles. They are very powerful. One successful hit will kill most of your enemies. Sadly, you will have some problems finding the ammunition. As a result, you will be checking bodies of fallen enemies, as well as chests and drawers. The other important aspect is a durability of a weapon. Sadly, you won't be able to use the same guns during the entire game. As a result, you will have to be on a look out for similar or better guns all the time. This is very important, because you wouldn't want to end up with some of the standard pistols, especially if you're playing one of the more challenging missions. As for the rest of the equipment, you may ignore it. You won't have to use the Bible. The same goes with dynamite.

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