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Bus Simulator 18 Game Guide

Bus Simulator 18 Game Guide

All aboard! Bus Simulator 18 Game Guide contains helpful tips on driving through the city. Our solution will provide you information on how to sell and validate tickets and which bus you should choose. Also, remember to check our guide to multiplayer mode.

Last update: Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The guide for Bus Simulator 18 contains numerous useful tips that will make the game easier for you. Thanks to this guide you can learn how to develop your own company and how to hire employees. These actions will help you develop you company faster and secure your business from going bankrupt. We have also prepared pages dedicated to income and experience points - thanks to them you will quickly earn a lot of money and get better vehicles.

The guide also features a chapter dedicated to the available buses. You can learn how to sell them, paint, decorate and buy. To help you with a purchase, we have prepared detailed descriptions of every available bus. Check this chapter to learn which level you have to reach in order to buy a particular vehicle and which buses are really worth a purchase.

Other chapters focus on system requirements, controls and settings. Bus Simulator 18 isn't a demanding game but its optimization results in numerous frame drops. Thanks to our tips you can learn what must be done in order to run the game smoothly and look good graphic-wise at the same time. One of the pages focuses on controls - read it to make your first voyage easier.

Bus Simulator 18 in a nutshell

Bus Simulator 18, developed by astragon Entertainment, is another entry in the simulator series that focuses on driving buses. Your goal is to develop a bus company - you have to buy new vehicles, get new employees and create new routes. The game doesn't focus only on driving a bus, it also requires you to interact with passengers. You have to sell tickets, control passengers, keep order and most importantly - you have to arrive at each bus stop on time.

Starting the game

Right after starting the game asks you to name your company, choose difficulty level and decide if your company can go bankrupt or not. After that you can create your character. You can choose your gender, uniform and its color. The number of the uniforms is limited to two - they only differ in the pattern. As for the colors, you have 16 for clothes and 10 for hair.


Bus Simulator 18 allows you to play the tutorial. During it you will drive a bus with an instructor as your passenger. The goal is to reach a few bus stops. This is a very helpful mode - you can learn how to move around the city, how to sell and check tickets. After completing the tutorial, you will receive your first mission. It won't be complicated but thanks to it you will learn how to start developing your company.

You also get about 150,000 Euro which is enough for painting your own bus, purchasing a new one and hiring a new driver. This can help you develop your company even faster.

Starting tips

In Bus Simulator 18 there are a lot of small things that you have to keep in mind. We have gathered them in one place and created a list of tips that should help you with starting your own business and securing your company from going bankrupt.

Watch out for potholes - the roads in Bus Simulator 18 aren't well-maintained - avoid them if you don't want to lose points. Hitting a pothole is counted as a crash which costs you points. This in turn can result in a fine.

Keep an eye on the doors - remember that closing and opening the doors is one of your most important duties. Your bus won't move if the doors aren't closed. After reaching a bus stop wait with closing the doors for about 10 seconds - you will be sure that none of the passengers want to leave the bus.

Don't trust other drivers - left turn-signal and a clear entry on a lane? In Bus Simulator 18 you can only dream about this. Usually, other drivers only pretend that they want to let you go first - after that they will hit you with full force in the rear of your bus.

Remember to pause the game when you have to move away from your computer - leaving the game running can cost you a huge delay which can cost you a lot of money.

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About Bus Simulator 18 Game Guide

Author : Natalia "N.Tenn" Fras for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka

last update : July 4, 2018

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Bus Simulator 18 Video Game

  • genre: Simulation

  • developer: StillAlive
  • publisher: astragon Entertainment
  • platform: PC

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