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Breathedge Guide

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Breathedge: Graphics settings Breathedge guide, walkthrough

This section covers the graphics settings available in Breathedge.

The graphics settings in Breathedge are not very complex - Breathedge: Graphics settings - Apendix - Breathedge Guide

The graphics settings in Breathedge are not very complex:

  1. Monitor: if you have more than one monitor, use this option to determine which monitor to run the game on.
  2. Resolution: select your monitor's native resolution
  3. Screen mode: you'll get the best performance in fullscreen; however, the default setting is often Borderless.
  4. V-Sync: you might want to use it to limit the FPS to the monitor's refresh rate. Prevents tearing, doesn't hinder the game.
  5. Texture quality: affects only the GPU memory stress. You can raise the quality as long as you don't exceed the available GPU memory.
  6. Antialiasing: smoothes sharp edges, visible especially in the distance. Seriously affects the GPU memory stress and slightly less the CPU.
  7. Shadow quality: if your game doesn't run smoothly, shadows are the first parameter which should be lowered.
  8. Postprocessing quality: affects the quality of glow effects, can affect performance at high settings; the stress is less noticeable at low/medium settings.
  9. Effects quality: fire, explosions, electrical discharges - as long as they are not on screen, the game will be stable regardless of the settings. If you run into problems only during such moments, you know which parameter to change.
  10. View distance: distance of object rendering. This parameter strongly affects the visual experience, but also the GPU stress.
  11. Motion blur: does not affect performance, but may be jarring.
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