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Brawl Stars Guide by

Brawl Stars Guide

Table of Contents

General information | Characters in Brawl Stars Brawl Stars guide, tips

In Brawl Stars you can control one of the 27 available characters. Each of them is unique in its own way. Each hero has a different weapon, super attack and star power. So every character brings some unique gameplay experience. You have to test all heroes by yourself, see what you can do best and adapt a specific character to the situation.

How to test heroes?

To check a specific character, you dont need to have it unlocked - General information | Characters in Brawl Stars - Character list - Brawl Stars Guide

To check a specific character, you don't need to have it unlocked. Just select the hero you are interested in and you press the button highlighted in the screenshot above.

This will take you to a special training arena - General information | Characters in Brawl Stars - Character list - Brawl Stars Guide

This will take you to a special training arena. There you can test the skills of selected character.

How many characters are available in the game?

Currently, the game has 27 characters - General information | Characters in Brawl Stars - Character list - Brawl Stars Guide

Currently, the game has 27 characters. They are divided into several categories. You can get them by winning matches (obtaining cups) or opening boxes.

Character Types

Heroes can be obtained in various ways and have various types: trophy-related awards, rare, very rare, epic, mythical and legendary. Below you will find a list of all heroes available in the game. We divided them into categories so you may find specific Brawlers much easier.

Trophy Road Awards

  1. Shelly - is a character available from the very beginning of the game;
  2. Nita - you'll unlock her for 10 trophies;
  3. Colt - you'll unlock him for 60 trophies;
  4. Bull - collect 250 trophies to get this hero;
  5. Jessie - you may unlock her for 500 trophies;
  6. Brock - get 1000 trophies to obtain this hero;
  7. Dynamike - when you earn 2000 trophies, the character will appear on your team;
  8. Bo - this individual costs 3000 trophies.
  9. Tick - the most expensive character in the game, worth 4000 trophies.


  1. El Primo - his fists destroys all enemies that stand in his way;
  2. Barley - this character is throwing bottles with flammable liquid;
  3. Poco - the musician is full of desire to destroy;
  4. Rosa - this character can create a shield.

Very rare

  1. Rico - shells of this hero bounce off the walls;
  2. Darryl - owns two shotguns;
  3. Penny - shoots bags of gold;
  4. Carl - his pickaxe is acting like a boomerang.


  1. Piper - has a deadly umbrella;
  2. Pam - perfect healer;
  3. Frank - has excellent skills with a hammer;
  4. Bibi - great character to attack a group of opponents.


  1. Mortis - sucks the life out of enemies;
  2. Tara - shoots cards and creates a black hole;
  3. Gene - can attract and aggro opponents.


  1. Spike - a walking cactus;
  2. Crow - he can poison enemies;
  3. Leon - he can disappear among the crowd.
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