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Bounty Train Game Guide by

Bounty Train Game Guide

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Table of Contents

Achievements | Appendix Bounty Train Guide

In this chapter you can find descriptions for achievements that can be unlocked in the game. Some of them are connected only with the storyline mode. In most of the cases you get the achievements when you make progress (buying properties, getting money, completing quests).

First Savings

Requirements: Collect 10 000$.

Financial Sustainability

Requirements: Collect 25 000$.


Requirements: People owning a bankroll of $50,000 are hugely respected among businessmen. Become one of them!


Requirements: Earn 1000$ worth of interest on your bank deposit.

Commentary: you can deposit your money in banks (your reputation in a given city must be high), you earn about 10% on them with the maximum time of a deposit (45 days). You can withdraw the money earlier. Do a few operations where you deposit and withdraw money or deposit about 12 000$. After that your money can be withdraw from any bank.

Swimming in Money

Requirements: Obtain one million dollar turnover through all sessions of the game.


Requirements: Complete 50 city hall requests to transport goods.

Natural Born Courier

Requirements: Deliver 15 letters to the post offices.

Pullman Car

Requirements: Convey 25 passengers.


Requirements: Do 10 smuggling runs for the bootleggers in the saloon.

Man of Reliance

Requirements: Complete 100 quests.

1, 2, 3... Sold!

Requirements: Win an auction in a city hall.

Real Estate Baron

Requirements: Win 10 auctions for real estate properties.


Requirements: Be inpossession of a Coal mine, Steel factory, Tools factory and Weapon factory simultaneously.

Commentary: they are simply other investments that can be bought in auctions. This achievement is easier to get in free play mode.

Standard Oil

Requirements: Purchase 3 oil wells (investments).

Family Embraces

Requirements: Locate allmembers of your kin and help them out. In the storyline you must complete all quests connected with getting stocks from family.

Victory for Family Honor!

Requirements: Collect 51% shares and regain family ownership of the company.

Curious person

Requirements: After finishing the storyline you must watch credits till the end.

Union's Ally

Requirements: Earn +100 of Union's faith

Faithful Confederate

Requirements: Earn +100 of Confederate Army's trust

Jessie James

Requirements: Find yourself on a wanted poster.

Commentary: If you want to get this achievement you must have low reputation with any of the Armies. Then, you can find wanted posters in their cities. The easiest way to ruin your reputation is to attack military outposts located near tracks.

Double kill

Requirements: Kill 2 foes with one blast. Use a grenade.

Tripple kill

Requirements: Kill3 foes with one blast. Use a grenade.


Requirements: Kill 500 foes.

Bounty Hunter

Requirements: Enforce law and order. Kill 7 wanted criminals.


Requirements: Obtain licenses to travel all routes in the game.

Le Voyage dans la Lune

Requirements: Ride 380 000 km on a singlelocomotive.

Commentary: you should get Sierra 4-6-0 locomotive and immediately upgrade its Durability. This won't be easy in the later parts of the game because you will often have malfunctions. This achievement is difficult to get.

Been Far and Wide

Requirements: Cover 1 million miles during all sessions of the game.


Requirements: Purchase Sierra 4-6-0 locomotive. This is the last and the most expansive locomotive in the game.


Requirements: Gather a complete collection of alllocomotives.

Commentary: there are 9 locomotives in total. It is important to know that in the later years you can't buy the older models so you should get enough money so that when you buy a new model you don't have to sell the old one. The list of all locomotives:

  1. Tom Thumb 2-2-0
  2. DeWitt Clinton 0-4-0
  3. John Bull 4-2-0
  4. Cumberland Pioneer 2-2-2T
  5. Forney 0-4-4T
  6. Chicago Pioneer 4-2-0
  7. Mogul 2-6-0
  8. General 4-4-0
  9. Sierra 4-6-0


Requirements: Break land speed record - reach 75 miles per hour!

Commentary: you must do this during escapes which takes place during mini-game. Try to get as much speed as you can while using a lightly loaded locomotive and the use acceleration lever.


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