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Bounty Train Game Guide by

Bounty Train Game Guide

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Table of Contents

List of side quests | Walkthrough Bounty Train Guide

Side quests are given by random characters with white names that are met at the stations - List of side quests | Walkthrough - Walkthrough - Bounty Train Game Guide
Side quests are given by random characters with white names that are met at the stations

In this chapter you can find the list of available side quests. Characters that are connected with them are found at stations and have their names colored in white. You don't have to complete them, however, some of them are very profitable and doing them can be a good way to rest from the city hall contracts. It is worth to check out this list right after you start the game.

Warning: some characters may not appear right away but after some time (regarding historical events and characters like Samuel Colt or Abraham Lincoln). Some heroes may demand from you to transport them to other locations but this won't happen often. They are found in stations in randomly selected cities but they always have the same names. This also applies to the nature of their quests.

Joseph Gayetty: medical paper (8x) transport - money and experience;

Elisha Duffy: transport food (3x) to Boston and Portland - if you bargain with him a little during your first conversation with him you receive 100$ or a slightly damaged small passenger carriage.

Rose O'Neal Greenhow: asks you to transport and deliver ammunition (6x) - experience, a lot of money and increased Confederates reputation.

Frank Workman: connected with the main storyline - he promises that if you deliver a letter to Mary in Portland he will tell you where you must search for Robert Reed (this information is given by Mary);

Graham Schmidt: connected with the main storyline. If you bring him one chest from an appointed city he can tell you where you must search for Robert Reed or he can pay you (appears only in free play).

Bennett Harmon: transport 6x weapons chests - money.

Samuel Colt: head to Wilmington and take a revolver for display (requires positive reputation in Wilmington). In practice you can keep the revolver instead of completing the quest. For this task you get money and experience but you also get a new quest, with a reward as good as the previous one: bring chests with weapons (14x) again to the quest giver.

Amelia Larson: the woman is looking for a lost man. A man called Jack Gillespie informs you that Eli is dead and will give you a medallion. Give it to the woman and you will receive experience as well as a good revolver.

Abraham Lincoln: take him to Washington - money, experience, Unions reputation increased.

Lewis Addison Armistead: this quest can be completed in two ways:

  1. When you reach your destination you must speak with Lewis (experience and Confederates reputation increased as well as a good rifle);
  2. Take him to the second city and hand him over to Unions general: Ulysses Grant (experience, money and Unions reputation increased).

Glikmann: he claims that he has a treasure map. Tell him that you can give him a ride (to 3 locations) for 1/4 shares. The treasure are a few barrels with alcohol.

Willliam Allen Fuller: you must complete the "racing" mini-game within a specified time. You get experience and Confederates reputation. In addition to that you can buy General locomotive for 6000$ in the target city (the locomotive is slightly damaged).

Matthias Forney: a rather complex quest but it is worth your effort - as a reward you get Forney 0-4-4T locomotive. After that you must wait one month and the locomotive is yours. Its regular price is 7400$ so you not only save a lot of money but you can also get it before it hits the market. You must bring to city:

  1. 20 oil barrels,
  2. 18 packs of steel,
  3. 12 tools chests.

Booker Sharp: you must escort a prisoner to a target destination - money, a little bit of experience and Unions reputation (but you lose a small amount of Bandits reputation). However if you speak with the prisoner he will make a counteroffer: if you agree you lose Unions reputation but you get Bandits' respect.

Stephen Duncan: you must transport 50 wool bales to New York within a month and a half. You don't have to transport them from the place where you get this quest: you can buy them, e.g. in Boston and transport to the destination city.

Clara Kirby: wants to sell you for 12$ a key to a warehouse with alleged 30 Tobacco chests - at least that is what she says because this is a fraud - no rewards.

Noah: the slave wants to escape from the city:

  1. Transport him accordingly to his wish: he joins you, he has a rather high level; experience and Unions reputation.
  2. Notify the authorities about his escape: Confederates reputation.

Zerah Collburn: take him to Philadelphia. Shortly after that you can buy Mogul 2-6-0 locomotive.

John Yates Beall: you must transport three agents to the appointed place (John, Henry and Belle) - a lot of experience and money. However, you must watch out: there is a high chance that they will be arrested when you reach the destination (they are wanted in the target city as well as the neighbor ones). When this happens you fail the quest.


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