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Bounty Train Game Guide by

Bounty Train Game Guide

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Shareholders | Walkthrough Bounty Train Guide

Random shareholders can be mistaken with people that are connected with side quests - you must pay attention to the names on the list - Shareholders | Walkthrough - Walkthrough - Bounty Train Game Guide
Random shareholders can be mistaken with people that are connected with side quests - you must pay attention to the names on the list

From now on getting stocks will be based on big money and auctions - getting stocks from other shareholders. When you complete all of their quests the only thing that is left to you are auctions. The investigator will inform you about them.

Daniel Drew

At some point of the game, as another stage of taking over the company you receive a letter informing you that the holder of a few percent of stocks - Daniel Drew - can sell them to you. Sadly, when it comes to money you can have some problems - he wants about 20 000$.

From now on you can participate in auctions - Shareholders | Walkthrough - Walkthrough - Bounty Train Game Guide
From now on you can participate in auctions

Playing with properties can be an alternative. You must buy three hotels and trade them for company shares. If you decide to do this quest you will be informed about auctions that take place in specific periods of time in appointed places (you receive an information and reminders). However, it is a long period of time and you probably can get those 20 000$ but buying the hotels will be cheaper.

Jason "Jay" Gould

Another shareholder that has 3% stocks. He offers to put them up for auction in New York. You should save money until the participation time ends so you won't miss a good deal.

Henry B. Plant

If you want to complete this quest with ease you must have at least 80 respect points in Unions. After the conversation with Henry you must head to a city and pick up a mortar. If you don't have enough reputation then, luckily for you, you can get a permission that allows you to get the weapon.

In order to get it you must deliver 12 chests with weapons to a city in the north. If your destination is Buffalo then you must use an additional carriage that will allow you to safely smuggle the weapons.

When you get the permission you must go back to Charles Knapp. He orders you to get a mortar in a different city. It is worth to know that it is an additional carriage that weights 25 tons. If you have rather good relation with the Unions then you can intercept the mortar and deliver it to them in exchange for increasing your reputation. There is always the third option: keep the mortar - this one is different from others that can be bought because you only need one person to use it instead of two. However, you must remember: if you break the contract you lose the chance to get the stocks but, in addition to that, your enemy gets them (3%)!

Leland Stanford

This man won't sell you his stocks for money but you must complete his quest. You need to have good relation with bandits (50 reputation points). You must head to any Saloon and ask about Jason's stolen brooch. You receive an order to contact with Daniel Hobbs. You can buy it back for 5000$ or take it by using force. Then, you must give it back to the owner.

You should wait for an event with a wanted letter. When you pass by a bandit and you pay him a toll you receive a little bit of reputation. Otherwise you have to complete a few quests for the thieves in Saloon / transport escapees.

Mark Hopkins

This quest is rather unusual. Mark will give you his stocks if you level up his son, Timothy. This means that you must have free space in your crew carriage and a good team - the quickest way to level up is to participate in fights.

When you return the son to his father he will sell his stocks (3%) for 5000$. His son can stay as your companion.

James Fisk

Another shareholder. He has a rather unusual task for you- you must take a passenger with you - Edward Stokes - and make him die. You can demand 10 000$ for this quest, however, you won't get the stocks. You must attack one of the factions or be attacked and relocate Edward in a such a way that he will be under enemy's fire.

Charles Crooker

This quest may not be easy. You must head south and transport cargo for Charles. However, you must be prepared for possible escapes from Natives/Armies or bandit raids. The cargo are three small bags. In next cities you get additional ones: 5+2, 10 in total. Finally, you can deliver the cargo to the appointed city where you complete this quest.

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