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Blue Dragon Game Guide by

Blue Dragon Game Guide

Table of Contents

Jibral | Disc 2 Blue Dragon Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

HINT: Surely you now have some understanding of the game's mechanics. Knowing that, we'll try to keep the remainder of our guide a little bit less focused on obvious things. Just remember: search all locations for Gold, and don't avoid combat. Check out all chests and other special objects, such as lockers etc.

HINT: If you want to, you can now spend some time on training Barrier Magic. Basically, you can just as well level up your characters all the way up to maximum shadow levels - but it certainly takes some time. If you feel like, go to Talta Village and walk around the clearing with Field Barrier on. The moment you gain Field Barrier 3 (which is unfortunately not available until lvl 50 of Barrier class), thigs will be much easier.

1 - Jibral - Disc 2 - Blue Dragon - Game Guide and Walkthrough
After leaving the castle you'll meet Toripo again - Jibral - Disc 2 - Blue Dragon - Game Guide and Walkthrough

After leaving the castle you'll meet Toripo again. He's the fella that's selling stat-enhancements for medals, remember? Go to the town for now. You can get some nice rewards by talking to Jibral citizens:

- From Jiro's father: Bow Tie

- From the gift shop: Zephyr Chocolate

- From the flourist: Repeater Weed

- From the general store: Broken Eternal Engine (agree for her to sell your portrait)

- From a waitress in Cafe Jibral: HP Up Elixir

Also, visit the spell shop and the Rare Accessory Shop (it's across the street) to get some better equipment. When you're ready, go to the inn and talk to Fushira. After some scenes you'll be able to save your game before a kind of mini-game. The goal here is to produce the best ring possible as a gift for Kluke. The outcome of the "duel" between you and Jiro doesn't rally matter. Just keep it practical. The ring will be only usable by Kluke, so try to make suitable for her profile. She's probably the spellcaster in your party, so you might want to focus on MA parameter (Magical Attack). You can even grant her +150 MA by performing well!

After completing the mini-game and watching even more scenes, you'll find yourself by the city gates. You goal is to travel through a Laser Field that's to the north. Before you head there, go south first. You might want to look around Jibral for some items and medals. Also, check out the Coastal Road to the south-west (some new monster types and Ultra Magical Medicine there).

Go south-east, along the coast. After crossing the gate you'll end up in Exile Forest.

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