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Bioshock 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Bioshock 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Tips - Plasmids - description bioshock2 Guide

During the game you can gain up to 8 Plasmid slots (with 11 different Plasmids available) - Tips - Plasmids - description - Tips - Bioshock 2 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

During the game you can gain up to 8 Plasmid slots (with 11 different Plasmids available).

If a given Plasmid is buyable, I've taken its first appearance in the Gatherer's Garden.

Bear in mind that Plasmids drastically change with each level.




[Cyclone Trap]

Creates a tornado that launches enemies into the air. Works only with the "smaller" foes.

Pauper's Drop

[Cyclone Trap 2]

The tornado can be charged with another plasmid. This way you can create a useful trap (various combinations).

Siren Alley

[Cyclone Trap 3]

You can place traps on walls and ceilings.

Dionysus Park


Creates an illusion which lures enemies away from you.

Pauper's Drop

[Decoy 2]

The illusion damages back the attacker.

Fontaine Futuristics

[Decoy 3]

Your illusion not only returns damage but also cures you (proportionally to the damage received).

Fontaine Futuristics

[Electro Bolt]

Lightning useful for stopping machines, opening doors and stunning enemies.

Adonis Luxury Resort

[Electro Bolt 2]

A charged attack will stun the enemies standing nearby the target.

Pauper's Drop

[Electro Bolt 3]

You can fire as constant stream of electricity.

Fontaine Futuristics


Useful for lightning up enemies, oil on the ground and melting ice.

Ryan Amusements

[Incinerate! 2]

Lets you charge the attack to let out a ball of flame, causing big damage to the enemy.

Siren Alley

[Incinerate! 3]

You can summon a constant stream of flame.

Fontaine Futuristics

[Insect Swarm]

Summons a swarm of insects that attacks and distracts a nearby enemy. Small, but constant damage.

Siren Alley

[Insect Swarm 2]

The swarm attacks a couple enemies at once.

Dionysus Park

[Insect Swarm 3]

An enemy killed by this Plasmid turns into a nest which attacks anyone who approaches it.

Fontaine Futuristics


Allows you to leave your body as a ghost. You can use Plasmids while in this form.

Siren Alley

[Scout 2]

Adds a possibility to hack machines while in ghost form.

Fontaine Futuristics

[Security Command]

Turns all nearby machine against the targeted enemy.

Siren Alley

[Security Command 2]

Charging the Plasmid summon a Security Bot. Maximally two at once.

Dionysus Park

[Security Command 3]

Upgrades the summoned Bots.

Fontaine Futuristics

[Summon Eleanor]

Summons an invincible Eleanor, who will help you fight for a quite long time. Uses lots of EVE.

Persephone Outer


Allows you to pick up small objects and throw them.

The Atlantic Express

[Telekinesis 2]

You can pick up bigger objects and throw them with greater force.

Pauper's Drop

[Telekinesis 3]

You can pick up even live Splicers. Smaller enemies will learn to fly thanks to you.

Inner Persephone


The targeted Splicer will attack the nearest enemy. If no one's around, he'll attack you.

Pauper's Drop

[Hypnotize 2]

Makes an enemy fight for you for a limited (but quite long) amount of time. The bigger enemies aren't vulnerable.

Siren Alley

[Hypnotize 3]

Works on the bigger enemies too. Unfortunately, the Big Sisters won't fall for this. A highly useful Plasmid.

Fontaine Futuristics

[Winter Blast]

Lets you freeze an enemy.

Pauper's Drop

[Winter Blast 2]

Your enemies are turned into an ice block. You can move it with Telekinesis. Freezes on touch.

Siren Alley

[Winter Blast 3]

You can shoot a constant stream of ice.

Fontaine Futuristics

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