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Biomutant Guide

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Biomutant: Side quests - list of all Biomutant guide, walkthrough

On this page of the walkthrough, you will find a list of all the side quest in the game Biomutant. In this section, we have listed all side quests that are not required to complete the main story of the game, but you complete them if you like. For completing the optional tasks, you can get valuable experience points as well as other rewards.

World exploration

Here you will find a list of tasks that you will receive as you explore the game world:

  1. Old World Knowledge
  2. Find The Flush-Stools
  3. Find The Fry-Sparkers
  4. Find The Clothes-Soakers
  5. Googlide Wreckboxes
  6. Capitives
  7. Lumen Shrines
  8. Old World Vaults
  9. Old World Storage
  10. The Muscle - Squeezer
  11. Cleaning up
  12. The Klawbar
  13. Find theTwing-Twangs
  14. Find Terra Globuses
  15. Aurora Totem
  16. Find the Stornkboxes
  17. The Lumentower
  18. The Gunsflexers
  19. The Runboard
  20. Mekton Wrekboxes
  21. Tunes of Fnackyleaves

Related to main missions

Here, you will find a list of quests that you will receive after completing certain missions:

  1. Back to the Roots
  2. A Smashing Success
  3. The Open World

NPC quests

Here you will find a list of quests that you will receive by talking to NPCs:

  1. It takes a Village
  2. Klack Klack
  3. The Stringplonk
  4. Gulp
  5. Moog Munsterhonter
  6. The Spiral Groover
  7. Find the Radionic
  8. The Bandit Attack
  9. The wakeup call
  10. The Brogg Friend
  11. A Bleep-bleep Pursuit
  12. Pebble Dabble
  13. The Sludgetrucks
  14. Trim Furfur
  15. Moth Infestation
  16. The Raylighter Rendezrous
  17. Mapping out the Mindmonitor
  18. The Solar Mirror Sight
  19. The Bomba-Ball Friend
  20. Lump Muffin
  21. Find the Ring-dinger
  22. Pinpointtin the Pling-Plong-Booth
  23. The Shellhorn Friend
  24. Spying the Eye Box
  25. Boom Sploder
  26. Greasy Queasy
  27. The Sundial
  28. The Monsterous Fluff Hulk
  29. Maya
  30. Nova


Here you will find a list of tasks that you will receive as you explore the game world. These will relate to suits:

  1. The Oxygen Pingdish
  2. The Radioactivity Pingdish
  3. The Cold Zone Pingdish
  4. The Heat Zone Pingdish
  5. The Oxygen Pingdish
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