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Biomutant Guide

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Biomutant: Weapons Biomutant guide, walkthrough

On this page, you will find information about weapons in Biomutant.

First weapon

You start the game with a weapon. It is a sword - use it to destroy the first opponents. You can upgrade this weapon or replace it with something more useful to you.

Crafting weapons

You can craft your weapons. However, you will need the right skills and materials.

Types of weapons

Weapons in Biomutant can be divided into several categories.

Due to the way they are wielded:

  1. one-handed weapons,
  2. two-handed weapons.

By their type:

  1. melee,
  2. firearms.

Because of their effect:

  1. slashing,
  2. crushing,
  3. piercing.

Materials for crafting weapons

In Biomutant, you will be able to craft weapons from raw materials such as:

  1. ceramics,
  2. metal,
  3. plastic,
  4. rubber,
  5. wood,
  6. meteorite.

Weapon modifications

You can modify most weapons, for example, by adding agents with biological contamination. Enemies hit with this weapon will remain poisoned for a certain amount of time. This way, you will inflict additional damage to them.

Weapon statistics

Each weapon has statistics such as:

  1. damage,
  2. attack speed/shooting speed,
  3. armor piercing,
  4. reach,
  5. durability.

Obtaining weapons

Weapons in Biomutant can be acquired in various ways:

  1. collect them from killed enemies,
  2. as a reward for defeating a boss,
  3. receive from an NPC,
  4. buy,
  5. find as loot,
  6. receive as a reward for a completed quest,
  7. crafted.

The Klonk Fist

The Clonk Fist is a metal glove available in Biomutant. You can use it as a melee weapon or you can use it to open areas blocked with, e.g. durable doors.

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