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Biomutant Guide by

Biomutant Guide

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Biomutant: Combat Biomutant guide, walkthrough

On this page of our guide, you will find basic information about the combat in Biomutant.


Weapons in Biomutant can be divided into several categories. You will find one-handed and two-handed weapons, melee weapons, firearms, slashing weapons, etc.

Weapons can be acquired in various ways, not just during exploration or by completing quests. Some weapons can be crafted with the right resources.

You can find more about weapons on a separate page: Weapons.


Abilities are one of the most important mechanics in the game. They affect:

  1. the way you fight;
  2. inflicting damage;
  3. blocking an opponent's attacks;
  4. inflicting additional statuses, such as poison;
  5. unlocking areas.

You can find more about abilities on a separate page: Abilities.


Mutations are a fundamental element of gameplay. With them, you can change the genetic structure of your character. You can adjust the appearance, gender, abilities, and skills. This way, you can make the character suit your playstyle.

You can find more about mutations on a separate page: Mutations.


Accessories are pieces of equipment that affect a variety of effects. They can enhance a character's strength and defensive abilities.

You can obtain accessories in several ways:

  1. collect them from killed enemies;
  2. as a reward for defeating a boss;
  3. receive from NPCs;
  4. buy;
  5. find as loot;
  6. receive as a reward for a completed quest;
  7. crafted.

You can find more about accessories on a separate page: Accessories.


Mounts are used for more than just moving quickly around the map. Some of them can help you in fights.

You can find more about mounts on a separate page: Mounts and vehicles.

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