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Interface and the notebook | Gameplay basics Beat Cop Guide

Jacks belt contains everything a policeman can need. - Interface and the notebook | Gameplay basics - Gameplay basics - Beat Cop Game Guide
Jack's belt contains everything a policeman can need.

As a police officer you have access to a few useful items. The panel on the bottom that represents your belt contains: a watch, a radio, a set of tickets, handcuffs, revolver and a notepad. The watch (1) shows the current hour. If you click it, you will see how much time to the end of the shift remains. You will be always informed in the middle of the shift that only half of the time remains. The radio is useful in several situations. Jack will use it automatically whenever he needs to report something during a conversation. Except for that, you use it in three situations: to call a tug for a ticketed car, and to call in someone or a car in specific situations. If one of the mentioned actions is available, it will be highlighted.

Your basic weapon during the shift is the tickets (3). Kelly will pull them out automatically once you finish watching the car and select the option to issue a ticket. However, you can press the icon while walking through the street and select a car. Your character will start walking towards the car, which takes more time. If you want to save some valuable seconds, then first run towards a car. Then click a ticket and then a car. In order to issue a ticket you must select only one offense. The number of tickets matters, not the number of detected offenses. If you find a car that can receive a ticket for parking, lighting and tires, then it still counts as one. You could as well select one thing and issue a ticket. The type of offense is important only if your bosses had ordered you to issie tickets of a selected type.

Handcuffs (4) can be used only when you chase a petty criminal. Once you are near him, a green handcuff icon will appear above him. Select the handcuffs from your belt and you will see arrest animation. In some dialogue sequences Jack will use them automatically. The use of your Weapon (5) is limited to a few robberies in the game. A criminal that doesn't want to stop will be marked with a small crosshair above his head. Select the weapon and try clicking the mouse when the crosshair is on the opponent. The last item is the notepad (6).

The notebook is your personal encyclopedia. - Interface and the notebook | Gameplay basics - Gameplay basics - Beat Cop Game Guide
The notebook is your personal encyclopedia.

Your notebook is divided into four sections. The first one is current tasks notes for the day. For example there might be a task of visiting specific shopkeepers on your first day. Information that is no longer relevant is crossed out, thanks to that you will know what have you completed. If you close and reopen the notebook, only the current information that might be helpful will be displayed. The next section is your requirements for the day: APBs. Usually there you will find information about tickets to issue before the day ends. Sometimes you will find other information there, for example which tires qualify for a ticket. The third part is the story. Here you will find all information related to the main plot. You should check it from time to time so that you won't miss an important situation. The last section is statistics. In addition to the state of your wallet, here you will check your current stamina or physical state. Here you can also check whether you are liked in the district.

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