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Factions | Gameplay basics Beat Cop Guide

There are many factions in the game world. They impact your daily work. Better relations with some of them can be profitable. At the same time, you don't want to anger any of them or it might not end well for you. There many ways and opportunities to improve or worsen the relations with a specific group. Below you can find a short description of a faction and advice how to improve or weaken your relations with it.

When you check statistics, you will notice that in addition to the information about your relations with factions, there is citizens' opinion about you as well. This represents the general respect of people that live in your district. It includes people in the flats, pedestrians and all shopkeepers. Usually you will be informed whether the people are neutral, they like you or they don't want to see you. You will also learn that from their comments about you when you patrol the street or visit some shops. Better relations can be profitable, for example the people might be more eager to help you. If the people like you, you can receive a free breakfast or lunch in Moonwalk near 625 and one free pack of doughnuts in Makefat Yo'Butts near 631.


Your favorite police family - Factions | Gameplay basics - Gameplay basics - Beat Cop Game Guide

Your favorite police family. Most of your actions impact relations with this group, you will be informed about most changes at the end of your day in the summary. Every morning you will participate in a briefing in police station 69. Sergeant Holloway will summarize your achievements from previous day and he will give you tasks for the current day. Before leaving you can also talk to your colleagues McNab, Kruger and Cortez. You should do it as they can provide you with valuable information.

You increase your reputation in this faction if you fill your daily ticket quota, catch all thieves that appear during a single day, answer all calls (by visiting the places and solving the problems). Frequently you will also get additional points by solving a harder case, arresting crew or mob members or simply being loyal to the law enforcers instead of being loyal to the criminals. Calling in crimes or finding illegal items can also have positive impact on your relations.

You worsen your relations with your colleagues by taking bribes from two other groups, hiding evidence, not reacting to calls, not participating in interventions, not filling the ticket quota. You can also be penalized for taking bribes from regular people who want to avoid receiving ticket. Sometimes you can encounter cover internal agents and you can receive many minus points if you left an offense unpunished.


The Tataglia Italian family is located in the Louie restaurant at 609 - Factions | Gameplay basics - Gameplay basics - Beat Cop Game Guide

The Tataglia Italian family is located in the Louie restaurant at 609. Early in the game they will promise to solve Jack's problems. If you increase your relations with them, you can count on some help. If your reputation will get close to -100, the consequences might be tragic.

To complete additional tasks, you should look for people in suits standing in front of the pizzeria. You will be able to complete an errand for them almost each day. The tasks are different, sometimes you will be a courier, other times you must issue a ticket for a specific person, move a car from the pizzeria, scare away the dealers after a trade. Loyalty to the family is very important for the Italians, so if you give them information, for example about the arrest of another mob member, their respect will increase. It is the most profitable faction, so if you want to get quick money, you should take interest in them.

If you want to be a good cop, you won't let them perform extortions, impact your work, give them favors or allowing their actions. The bad thing is that while the mob reputation falls quickly, it rises slowly for the police. It's slightly better in case of the Crew. After a while many tasks will start impacting the relations between Mob and the Crew. If you choose one side, the other won't be happy about it.


One of many black gangs in New York - Factions | Gameplay basics - Gameplay basics - Beat Cop Game Guide

One of many black gangs in New York. Their headquarters is in the Pawn Shop at 633. There you can find their leader - Jerran Digs. The nearby citizens usually don't like them. A few main tasks will be related to them, which means you should maintain neutral relations with them. However, even with bad relations you can visit this place and push the story forward.

The crew members can be usually found between the Moonwalk and the pawn shop. However, sometimes you can encounter them in other parts of the street. They will give you various tasks, for example deliver a package, check some specific man, find abandoned weapon near the pizzeria, protect the dealer from the enemies, participate in an exchange between the Mob and the Gang etc. The larger the task, the greater the chance that you will improve your reputation with the Crew and that you will worsen it with their enemies.

Crew reputation will drop in rather obvious situations. Catching petty thieves (shop and car thieves), completing mob tasks, scaring the crew members away, arresting the drug dealer, interrupting their businesses or telling about them to the police instead of helping (for example, when collecting an abandoned weapon) will make them angry. If relations with them are very low, the Crew will prepare an ambush. You will be severely wounded (-5 stamina and loss of 30 minutes of time). In worst case they will murder you in an alley.

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