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Map for Beat Cop
Map for Beat Cop
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Beat Cop District map

BUTIQUEnal (607)

Hard Rick Cafe (607)

Louie's pizzeria, Mob's place (609)

Liquor's Store, Iwan (611)

Peepshop, Froggy (613)

Karine's Jewlery (613)

Adamski's Deli (615)

Matthia's car workshop (617)

Empty space (619)

Krank's Drugstore (621)

Moonwalk Diner, Norma (621)

Church, priest Mushroom (629)

Makefat Yo'Butts - Donuts shop (631)

Laundry, Harry (631)

Pawn Shop, Crew's place (633)

Hi-Fi Electronics (633)

One of three phone booths

The above map of Brooklyn district in Beat Cop presents the area you will be patrolling each day. Here Jack will participate in interventions and conduct an investigation. It is very important to memorize the location of some shops in which most of the action takes place. We divided the map into two parts in order to make it easier to read it.

A district in Beat Cop is a longitudinal area that goes from west to east. The street is divided into faction territories: in the western-central part you will find the Mob and in the eastern part there is the Crew. No parking areas and three phone booths are especially important.

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