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Battlerite Game Guide

Battlerite Game Guide

Enter the arena!Battlerite Game Guide discusses the most essential features of the game and helps learn its mechanics. It covers topis such as moving on the maps, using Battlerites (combat talents), and finding out more about the available arenas and heroes.

This guide for Battlerite discusses the most essential features of the game and helps learn its mechanics. The first chapter explains in detail the basics of gameplay, such as: controls, effective movement on the map, User Interface, types of games, and Battlerites (combat talents). You will also find here information on all in-game arenas. The following chapter introduces all Heroes available in Battlerite. You can also find here a handful of hints on each of them in order to use their skills to maximum effectiveness.

The Battlerite guide contains:

  • Basics of gameplay, i.e. everything you need to know before you start playing Battlerite;
  • Descriptions of in-game arenas;
  • Characteristics of Heroes;
  • Hints for beginners.

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Battlerite Video Game

  • genre: Action

  • developer: Stunlock Studios AB
  • publisher: Coffee Stain Studios
  • platform: PC

Battlerite is an online battle game. It combines the features of MOBA and action genres. Battlerite focuses on rivalry between two teams of players in 2v2 and 3v3 matches. Each participant controls a single character.

Battlerite doesn’t follow the path created by Dota. The title lacks any bases, towers or allied units controlled by artificial intelligence. Instead, it offers open arenas on which the gameplay is focused only on direct deathmatches. The game has a strongly action-based combat system. The action is presented from a top-down perspective and the mechanics are based on shooters and other action games that use similar perspective.

The crowd present on the arenas is an important aspect of the gameplay as well. Gaining the crowd’s favor provides rewards.

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