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Battlefield 2142 Game Guide by

Battlefield 2142 Game Guide

Table of Contents

Air transport, air fight | Tactics Battlefield 2142 Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rule number 1 - always fly with gunners.

All air transport vehicles have two anti-personnel guns mounted on sides of the machine. Try to fly with two additional soldiers, who will operate these weapons.

While using the gun of this type, turn on the zoom mode and shoot at enemy infantry every time you will spot it.

In gunships, the pilot needs someone, who will operate the anti-personnel machine gun and guided missile launcher.

Rule number 2 - remember that while being the pilot, you are responsible for passengers

There is nothing worse than a pilot, who deliberately crashes the vehicle, killing himself and his passengers (and, occasionally, some enemies). Always try to land nicely and don't be a kamikaze, when there are other people in the machine you pilot.

Rule number 3 - do not exit the machine while the velocity is low

Flying machines in BF2142 characterizes by the fact that when they're brews or fly with low velocity, their jet-propelled engines set vertically, with their nozzles downward. If the pilot will eject in such situation, engines will turn off and the whole machine will fall down, crushing and killing its pilot.

Rule number 4 - avoid EMP rocket launchers

EMP weapons are the worst enemies of all flying machines. They cause a temporary power cut, which makes the machine fall and crash into the ground. That is why, when an appropriate icon appears and a significant voice reverberates, signalizing an EMP weapon locking-on, turn on the Active Defense system and get away from that airspace as fast as it is possible.

Flying high above the ground is a solution too. Thanks to that, even when the machine will be turned off by the electromagnetic impulse, engines may get back on-line before the machine crashes.

Rule number 5 - maneuver and shoot fast

Unfortunately, but swift movement, aiming and launching projectiles are things, which comes with hours of training.

Mainly, during aiming at tanks and APCs, the pilot has to place the crosshair above the target. This will make the air strike more accurate and it will inflict more damage.

During fights against other flying vehicles, always try to get behind and follow them. When it is done, place the crosshair on the enemy's hull and launch a few rockets. Their guidance sometimes doesn't work as it should, however, there is a chance that some of these projectiles will attack the enemy's machine and damage it seriously.

When that's we, who are in the crosshair, it is necessary to turn on the Active Defense system and dodge in order to get away from the opponent. Dodging is essential, but do not turn the machine upside down, because this, in most cases, ends with a crash.

Rule number 6 - let your gunner(s) perform their duty

The gunner sits inside the machine in order to eliminate enemy infantry, so if you pilot the machine, don't try to shoot at opponent single soldiers (or crash the vehicle on their heads), because this is ammunition, time and sometimes ticket wasting. Better get close to enemy troops and let your gunner do the job.

The same refers to fighting against other flying machines. Apart from launching rockets, let other passengers to perforate enemy's hull. Just don't bend the vehicle forward and asides and your opponent will get into the machine gun's range.

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