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Batman: Arkham Origins Game Guide by

Batman: Arkham Origins Game Guide

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Table of Contents

Introduction | Challenges Batman: AO Guide

The challenges in Batman: Arkham Origins are divided into two groups, i.e. the tasks within the framework of the so called Dark Knight System and tasks initiated from the level of the Training Console located in the Batcave. Both of these differ from each other considerably, both when it comes to their general premises and ways of completing them.

It pays off to keep track of your progress - Introduction - Challenges - Batman: Arkham Origins - Game Guide and Walkthrough
It pays off to keep track of your progress

The Dark Knight System challenges are tied with the gameplay itself so, you can complete them directly as you play the game, regardless of whether the Batman is currently completing some other mission or roams about the game world freely.

There are four sub-categories to this category of missions:

  • Shadow Vigilante -These challenges are connected with combat (e.g. performing counterattacks in a series).
  • Gotham Protector - This kind of challenges are connected with exploration (e.g. gliding over a long distance).
  • Worst Nightmare - These are connected with stealth-acting (e.g. by performing quiet takedowns).
  • World's Greatest Detective - This kind of challenges are connected with solving criminal cases and amassing a database of the characters that live in Gotham.

The challenges of each of the above categories need to be completed in a predefined order. For example, completing the premises of the third level challenges will not be accepted unless you have correctly completed a second level challenge. Therefore, you should always focus on the active challenge of each of the four categories and ignore the remaining levels entirely.

Completing the challenges is rewarded with experience points where, the entries that have been marked with a star, offer an additional reward of upgrades to Batman's equipment. Completing all 60 challenges (15 in each category) also means receiving an unique Dark Knight outfit (you can put it on after you visit the Batcave).

Personally, I recommend that you take to the challenges as soon as possible, because it will be easier for you to complete some of them at the early stages of the game (e.g. defeating a group of enemies without setting off the alarm). The experience points and new equipment that you get will also help you complete the main storyline in the game.

The Training Console connected with optional challenges - Introduction - Challenges - Batman: Arkham Origins - Game Guide and Walkthrough
The Training Console connected with optional challenges

The second group of challenges is activated by means of the Training Console and, you can take them up from the moment you visit the Batcave, i.e. after you have fought Killer Croc in the Blackgate Penitentiary. Find the training zone in the Northern part of the cave and choose the character (by default, it is Batman) and select the challenge category.

The challenges available within the framework of this category are:

  • Ranked - This kind of challenges require internet connection and the main premise is to emulate the score of the other players.
  • Campaign - The characteristic feature of this kind of challenges is that they are played on the levels from the main storyline.
  • Custom - The characteristic feature of these challenges is that you can adjust the rules of the gameplay.
  • Combat Training - this kind of challenges allow you to practice your basic moves and gadgets that you use in combat.

The individual challenges have different premises (e.g. performing a complex combo or a series of counter-attacks) and golden cups are awarded for meeting the requirements. Apart from that, you can also hope to receive some other bonuses, like unique concept art or experience points.

Note - Many of the challenges are locked, or partially unavailable, at first. The successive entries are unlocked as you complete the basic challenges and make progress in the main campaign so, it is a good idea to return to the Batcave on a regular basis.

Note - If you want to take up the challenges from this group immediately after the game is loaded, you can select an appropriate option in the main menu and skip, this way, the process of returning to the Batcave in order to interact with the training console.

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