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Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough by

Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough

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Baldurs Gate 3: Warlock - characteristics Baldurs Gate 3 guide, walkthrough

In this chapter of the Baldurs Gate 3 guide, you will find general information about the Warlock character class.

Warlock is one of the character classes available in Baldurs Gate 3. Throughout their lives, Warlocks are driven by a huge desire for knowledge and power for which they are willing to sacrifice a lot, even their own health and independence. Bound by a pact with an all-powerful patron (an out-of-the-world being like archdevils, fiends, and demons), Warlocks possess supernatural abilities that allow them to wield unique dark magic. Their main task within a team is to control the battlefield using multiple curses, but they are also able to lead to a painful death of all beings who dare to stand in their way. Because their main characteristic is charisma, Warlocks perform well as speakers and are able to conduct dialogues accordingly.

Class features

Depending on your preferred playstyle, the Warlock in Baldurs Gate 3 can be developed in different ways, but there are 2 main features that deserve special attention: Charisma and Constitution. Your Warlock will wear lighter armor and avoid direct combat so it's also worth developing Dexterity.

Charisma - Baldurs Gate 3: Warlock - characteristics - Warlock - Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough


Charisma is an essential characteristic of Warlocks because they use it to cast spells. Furthermore, Charisma determines the probability of a spell hitting the target.

Constitution - Baldurs Gate 3: Warlock - characteristics - Warlock - Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough


Not only does the constitution increase the total number of health points, but it will help your character in maintaining concentration while casting some spells as well.

Dexterity - Baldurs Gate 3: Warlock - characteristics - Warlock - Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough


Dexterity is useful for Warlocks as it determines the chances for a character to start the battle (Initiative).

Class properties

As a Warlock, you will immediately have access to many spells, which are divided into two categories. You should become familiar with available spells as various spells in Baldurs Gate 3 might work in different ways.

  1. Cantrips: you can cast these spells indefinitely. They don't use spell slots, they don't need to be prepared before using, you don't need to rest between using them, you can use them in each round;
  2. Spells: this type of magic requires a slot for casting a spell unless a character has a skill that removes this requirement. This means that spells cannot be used constantly like the above-mentioned Cantrips. Spell slots are regenerated after a long rest;

Due to the fact that Cantrips can be used in every round with no limitations, you should select ones that you will be definitely using. Remember to stick to the Eldritch Blast, as it will be your main attack spell.

Eldritch Invocations

Once you have reached experience level 2, you will be able to choose two of the nine passive abilities that will give your hero specific bonuses and increase his or her fighting abilities.

  1. Agonizing Blast: add your charisma modifier to the damage when casting the Eldritch Blast spell ;
  2. Armor Of Shadows: you can cast the Mage Armour spell on yourself without losing a spell slot;
  3. Beast Speech: you can use the Speak with Animals spell without losing a spell slot;
  4. Beguiling Influence: you gain proficiency in the skills of Deception and Persuasion;
  5. Devil's Sight: you see normally in both magical and non-magical darkness at a distance of 18 meters;
  6. Fiendish Vigor: you can cast the level 1 False Life spell on yourself without losing a spell slot;
  7. Mask Of Many Faces: you can cast a disguise spell without losing a spell slot;
  8. Repelling Blast: when you hit the creature with a spell, you can push it back up to 4.5 meters away;
  9. Thief of Five Fates: once per one long rest, you can cast the Bane spell using your spell slot.

Given that Eldritch Blast is Warlock's primary offensive spell, which you will use very often during every fight, it is certainly worth choosing The Agonizing Blast. It's worth investing the second point in deception and persuasion skills, which will make it much easier for you to talk to NPCs you encounter.

Pact of the Chain

After unlocking experience level 3, your hero will receive an additional ability called Pact of the Chain.

  1. Pact of the Chain: you earn the loyalty of a familiar, a fey spirit that takes on a form of your choice - it can be an animal, an imp, or a quasit.


When creating a Wizard, you will be able to choose 2 out of the 7 available skills. It should be noted here that some of these may already be assigned because of the chosen race of the hero and cannot be changed.

  1. Nature: the protagonist will be able to recall information about the terrain, plants and animals;
  2. Investigation: a skill that allows you to extract a lot of valuable information from people, but also from objects;
  3. Intimidation: a skill by which your character can include threats during a conversation that will force others to submit to his will;
  4. Deception: The art of lying, which allows the interlocutor to be manipulated;
  5. History: the protagonist will be able to recognize important names and unusual objects;
  6. Arcana: knowledge of magic and its applications, necessary to use magical objects or powerful spells;
  7. Religion: knowledge of the deities of Abeiru-Toril, including their assigned domains, priests, and sacred rituals.

It is best to choose skills that are based on the Warlock's basic qualities, namely Deception (Charisma) and Intimidation (Charisma).


Warlockis a unique class of characters and therefore you will be able to choose from one of the two specializations available (subclasses).

  1. The Fiend: Warlocks who serve the fiends spread corruption and destruction, and in return receive a hellish blessing;
  2. The Great Old One: Warlocks who serve eldritch beings from Far Realms who possess the ability to control entropy and mind.
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