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Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough by

Baldurs Gate 3 Guide, Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Baldurs Gate 3: Wizard Guide - specializations Baldurs Gate 3 guide, walkthrough

In this chapter of the guide to Baldurs Gate 3 you will find all necessary information about the specializations of Wizard - one of many classes available in the game.

Once you reach third character experience level in Baldurs Gate 3, your character will have a chance to select one of two specializations (sub-classes): Evocation School or Abjuration School. Each specialization impacts character's playstyle. Because of that, you should think this through before you make a choice.

Evocation School

If you choose the Evocation School, your character will be able to use spells that focus the energy of powerful elementals. The Evocation School is a perfect choice for Wizards who prefer to focus on causing as much damage as possible. By choosing this path you will also get an additional passive ability.

  1. Sculpt Spells: Wizard creates a safety pocket for the Evocation School spells. Allied creatures will automatically complete defense tests successfully and they won't receive damage from these spells.

Abjuration School

If you choose Abjuration School specialization, your character will gain knowledge of abjuration spells. They will enable him or her to create barriers, repel enemies, and neutralize magic. Abjuration School is a great choice for Wizards who intend to focus on supporting the party. By choosing this path you will also get an additional passive ability.

  1. Arcane Ward: once a day, when you cast an Abjuration School spell of first or higher level, you can create a magic barrier that will be active until the next long rest. The Arcane Ward has 3 health points and it absorbs all damage dealt to your character. When the barrier loses its health points, the character will receive the remaining damage. Whenever you cast an Abjuration Spell of first or higher level, the Arcane Ward will regenerate the number of health points equal to twice the spell level.
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