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Back 4 Blood Guide

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Back 4 Blood: Weapon selection Back 4 Blood guide, tips

On this page of the Back 4 Blood game guide, you will learn about the available weapons and their greatest advantages.

This page of the guide to Back 4 Blood features tips regarding weapon choice. You will learn about the types of weapons available and what each weapon is best for.

Available types of weapons

In Back 4 Blood you will be able to get 7 types of weapons - Back 4 Blood: Weapon selection - Basics - Back 4 Blood Guide

In Back 4 Blood you will be able to get 7 types of weapons:

  1. Assault Rifles - they usually have about 20-30 rounds in the magazine, high damage and high rate of fire. The downside is that you can very quickly lose a lot of ammo.
  2. Submachine Guns - They have more ammunition than assault rifles, they have better rate of fire than rifles, but they don't deal as much damage.
  3. Shotguns - these have very high damage and spray, so you can take down several targets at once, but this requires you to get very close to the targets. The disadvantages are the rate of fire, reloading time and ammunition.
  4. Light Machinge Guns/LMG - They have the most ammunition in the magazine, usually about 100 rounds. The damage is quite large, the rate of fire is high. However, the problem is the very long reloading time, the recoil and the risk of using all the ammunition in a short time.
  5. Sniper Rifles - this is a one shot-one kill type of weapon. They are very accurate and deal a lot of damage, but the reload time is slow and there's only a few rounds in the mag.
  6. Side Arms - these are different caliber pistols like Magnum or Beretta. They are secondary weapons that will allow you to deal with a smaller threat, saving the ammunition of the main weapon.
  7. Melee Weapons - the second type of secondary weapons. You don't need any ammo for them. However, the problem is that you have to get very close to the enemy, and possibly take damage as a result.

There are also weapons such as grenades, Molotov cocktails and other thrown weapons, which are ideal for killing as many enemies at once as possible.

Weapon's advantages

Every weapon has both advantages and disadvantages - Back 4 Blood: Weapon selection - Basics - Back 4 Blood Guide

Every weapon has both advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are ideal for killing specific zombies, but are much weaker when it comes to fighting common enemies.

  1. Assault Rifles - the standard weapon, ideal for killing the most common zombies and special enemies. A well-balanced type of weapon.
  2. Submachine Guns - These weapons are recommended for killing weaker zombies, due to the lower damage. However, they have more ammunition and a higher rate of fire. When it comes to special types of zombies, there are better weapons than submachine guns.
  3. Shotguns - if your playstyle is aggressive, shotguns are perfect for you. They can deal with a large number of enemies, as long as you are near them. Additionally, due to the high damage, they work well on special zombies. However, make sure that you have a companion with a quick-firing weapon to help you kill many enemies, since the shotgun has little ammunition in the magazine, and its reload time is slow.
  4. Light Machine Guns/LMG - a weapon ideal for taking out a large number of zombies, due to the large amount of ammunition in the magazine. The damage is significant, but make sure to keep some distance, because the recoil can be large, which lowers the weapon's accuracy. Watch out for how much ammo you've got left, because you can very quickly use all the bullets. If you choose this type of weapon, we recommend taking an ammo box with you.
  5. Sniper Rifles - ideal for eliminating the biggest threats, such as bosses or special types of zombies, due to high damage. Additionally, you can eliminate threats from safe positions, due to the very good accuracy of these weapons. They are not good for eliminating common zombies, though, because the sniper rifle's rate of fire is way too low compared to the enemy's numbers.
  6. Side Arms - not suitable for fighting more powerful zombies, but useful for weaker zombies - you can fight them with these weapons and save ammo for your main weapon.
  7. Melee Weapons - Advantages similar to side arms, with the difference that here you don't lose any ammunition. Some characters and perks also enhance melee combat, so these weapons can be better than side-to-side weapons. The downside is that by coming close to the enemies, you expose yourself to damage.
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