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Back 4 Blood Guide

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Back 4 Blood: Difficulty levels Back 4 Blood guide, tips

This page of the Back 4 Blood guide lists the difficulty levels and how they affect gameplay.

On this page of the guide to Back 4 Blood, you will read about the available levels of difficulty in the game, and how each of them affects gameplay.

Players can also choose the difficulty level of the game before choosing a particular act - Back 4 Blood: Difficulty levels - Basics - Back 4 Blood game guide

Players can also choose the difficulty level of the game before choosing a particular act. There are three difficulty levels to choose from:

  1. Survivor – Players have more ammo, health and resilience, and in addition, friendly fire is disabled. Also, players deal more damage to Ridden.
  2. Veteran – This level adds a complication in the form of friendly fire. Allies receive 35% of friendly damage.
  3. Nightmare - This level increases the damage dealt to allies with friendly fire to 60%. In addition, players have one less chance. Moreover, Ridden deal more damage, have more health, and when a player is knocked down, they receive much more post-traumatic damage.

It's also worth adding that you can choose several levels at once to further complicate the gameplay. However, we do not recommend choosing the hardest difficulty levels if you are not playing with a team of friends, but rather with bots, or random players, as friendly fire becomes more of an issue then.

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