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The best starting skills in ATOM RPG ATOM RPG Guide and Walkthrough

In ATOM RPG, you will come across multiple enemies. However, the problem here is that you won't find many resources. At the beginning of the game, you should focus on skills that will help you survive. This page contains information about great starting skills as well as those that you should check out later in the game.

Starting skills

Fast learning - The best starting skills in ATOM RPG - Character creation - ATOM RPG Guide

Fast learning:

Description: 3 additional skill points per new level.

Effect: thanks to this skill, you will be able to develop your character faster.


Description: +10 to Survival.


Lover of healthy food:

Description: adds +20HP after you eat, +20% to satisfying hunger.

Effect: thanks to this skill, you will spend less time preparing meals; you also won't have to worry that your character will get hungry during a longer and more challenging trip.


Description: +10% chance of meeting a caravan.

Effect: you have a better chance of meeting traders selling useful items.

Good Immune system:

Description: +10% resistance to radiation, +10% to toxins.

Effect: you don't have to worry about getting poisoned. Thanks to this skill you can explore the world without worrying about toxins.

Felling Good:

Description: +10 to health points.

Effect: gives you additional health points.


Description: +15 damage when you and your enemy are both using a pistol or an SMG.

Effect: increases your chances of winning a fight.


Description: +20% to equipment load.

Effect: you can carry more items.

Armor of God:

Description: +20% resistance to getting knocked down.

Effect: helps you a lot during a fight.

Quick Regeneration:

Description: your body heals itself at critical moments, +2HP if your amount of health points is less than a half.

Effect: allows you to regenerate health during a fight, giving you an advantage over your enemies.

Street Fighter:

Description: +50% more melee damage.

Effect: you get an advantage over an enemy when you aren't fighting with any weapons.

Which skills should I invest in?

Hands of gold:

Description: increases your chances of crafting an item by 100%.

Effect: thanks to the increased chance of crafting an item, you won't waste crafting resources.


Description: deal twice the damage to animals and monsters.

Effect: increases your chances of winning a fight.

Eagle eye:

Description: +50% to critical shots.

Effect: increases your chances of winning a fight.


Description: doubles the damage dealt to humans with firearms.

Effect: increases your chances when facing human enemies.

Think like the enemy:

Description: damage resistance increases with every attack inflicting 4 or more damage.

Effect: increases your chances of winning a longer fight with more challenging enemies.

Poison Ivy:

Description: when you get poisoned, you regenerate health points instead of losing them.

Effect: you receive an immunity to poison, you also get health back when you are poisoned.

Weapon Knowledge:

Description: no strength requirements for firearms.

Effect: you can use the majority of the firearms without worrying about your stats.

First Blood:

Description: the first melee hit is always critical.

Effect: increases your chances of winning a fight.

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