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Skill tree unlocked after level up ATOM RPG Guide and Walkthrough

In ATOM RPG, you get skill points by reaching new experience levels. Each level gives you 3 points which can be put into various skills.

Gobseck - 10% discount everywhere - Skill tree unlocked after level up - Character creation - ATOM RPG Guide

Gobseck - 10% discount everywhere.

Fast learning - 3 additional skill points per new level.

Bookworm - +50% to skills from reading.

Survivor - adds +10 to Survival skill.

Hunter - helpful in hunting. Adds +20% chance to find animals, +50% chance to find tracks.

Fisherman - increases your chance of catching a fish.

Lover of healthy food - adds +20HP after you eat, +20% to satisfying hunger.

Effective Training - get +20% experience after completing a quest.

Blaster master - +30% to blast radius, helpful when you are using grenades.

Pyromaniac - adds +30% to fire damage and +30% to fire radius.

Good throwing arm - very helpful when you are using throwing weapons, increases range of throwing weapons by +50%.

Supplier - +10% chance of meeting a caravan.

Gun Jesus - if you are proficient in crafting, this skill is for you - increases the damage of your crafted weapons by +20%.

Lubricator - firearms will never jam.

Hands of gold - increases your chances of crafting an item by 100%.

Witcher - deal twice the damage to animals and monsters.

Cat's Eye - you have the same chance of hitting your target during day and night.

Gunslinger - +10 to Pistols and SMGs.

True grit - +10 to Rifles and Shotguns.

Eagle eye - +50% to critical shots.

Monster Lore Expert - you learn more information about monsters. This affects the combat and resources you can get from them.

Manhunter - the damage dealt to humans with firearms.

Good Immune system - +10% resistance to radiation, +10% to toxins.

Nurse - faster and better regeneration.

Self-sufficient - your character will never get addicted.

Felling Good - +10 to health points.

Duelist - +15 damage when you and your enemy are both using a pistol or an SMG.

Quick Reload - faster reload.

Praetorian - armor doesn't affect the equipment weight.

Liver of steel - you won't get addicted to alcohol.

Swindler - +20% to equipment load.

Armor of God - +20% resistance to getting knocked down.

Think like the enemy - damage resistance increases with every attack inflicting 4 or more damage.

Oaken Skin - +10% to damage resistance, +10% to damage protection.

Poison Ivy - when you get poisoned, you regenerate health points instead of losing them.

Sambo - +10 to stun an enemy with a melee weapon.

Shield Master - no negative effects while using a shield.

Quick Regeneration - your body heals itself at critical moments, +2HP if your current amount of health points is less than a half.

Street Fighter - +50% more melee damage.

Way of warrior - +10 to Martial Arts, +10 to Melee Weapons.

Shieldbearer - +50% chance to block an attack with a shield.

Burst Boy - +10 to Burst Fire weapons (Burst firing).

Precise Jab - +50% chance to ignore an enemy's armor in melee combat.

Ninjutsu - 25% chance not to be spotted.

Weapon Knowledge - no strength requirements for firearms.

First Blood - the first melee hit is always critical.

Focus on Target - recoil is two times smaller with automatic firearms.

Adrenaline Rush - when your HP is reduced by a half, you get extra 2 Action Points.

Butcher - no debuffs or negative effects on point-blank shots.

Weak spot knowledge - +10% to critical hit in close combat.

Quick reaction - +20 to Sequence.

Master of Unlocking - you will always open a lock that has a lower level than yours.

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