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ATLAS Guide and Tips by

ATLAS Guide and Tips

Table of Contents

How to create your first tools in ATLAS? ATLAS Tips

In the previous chapter of the Atlas guide - "How to acquire your first resources?" - you have learned how to acquire the first crafting materials to create the basic tools and weapons. In this chapter you will learn how to use them and what you will gain by doing so.

How to create tools?

Tools are created from the inventory menu. - How to create your first tools in ATLAS? - FAQ - ATLAS Guide and Tips
Tools are created from the inventory menu.

Creating tools and items in general in the Atlas game is trivial - you need to acquire the necessary crafting materials, open up the inventory screen with the "I" button and double click on the icon of the item you want to create for it to appear in your inventory after several seconds. Few items will be available from the beginning of the game, more can be unlocked by investing acquired skill points into unlocking specific abilities.

Note - keep in mind that you can queue item crafting. You can, for instance, order the creation of a pick, hatched and 3 spears, one by one, and simply wait for the end result. You can also order the creation of a larger amount of specific items - in order to do so, you need to click with the RMB on the item you want to create and select the desired amount from the list.

Stone Pick

The Stone Pick is the most basic tool of this type in the game, to which access you will gain at the beginning of the game. The pick can be used in combat, but its main use is to enhance the acquisition of resources. You can use it to acquire Stones, attacking various rocks (regardless of their size) - this will give you Stone, Flint and Metal. You can also use a pick to attack trees - this in turn will give you several times more Thatch than Wood (in comparison to using a hatchet), making it a good source of that resource. What is more, using a pick will not injure your character, as while using bare fists.

Note - remember to regularly repair your pick to not destroy it entirely. A white "health" bar will appear on the icon of the pick - this represents the wear of the tools. To repair an item, click on it with the RMB and select the "Repair" option from the list.

Stone Hatchet

The hatchet makes wood acquisition a breeze. - How to create your first tools in ATLAS? - FAQ - ATLAS Guide and Tips
The hatchet makes wood acquisition a breeze.

The Stone Hatchet is basically the equivalent of the Stone Pick, but used to acquire Wood. As you have probably guessed by now, to acquire Wood with it you simply need to hit trees with the tool. Doing so will give you Wood and a small amount of Thatch. The hatchet can also be used to "skin" killed animals - by hitting the corpse of the dead animal you will receive Meat, Hides and other valuable items, depending on the type of creature you killed.

Note - similarly to the pick, you need to regularly repair the hatchet to prevent it from breaking.


The spear is the first real weapon in the game that you will use both to defend yourself from enemies, as well as to hunt down animals. The spear has two attack "modes" - by pressing the LMB you will swing the weapon, attacking in close combat, whereas holding the RMB allows one to throw the spear at the target, dealing damage from a safe distance, but losing the spear in the process.

Note - spears are very prone to breaking, which is why you should always have at least 2-3 pieces in your inventory.

Cloth armor

The character in the Atlas game starts practically naked - he/she is not protected from damage, as well as the effects of cold and heat. You can make cloth armor to solve this problem. The available items are as follows: Cloth Hat, Cloth Shirt, Cloth Gloves, Cloth Pants and Cloth Boots. You need both Hides - that can be acquired from animals - and Fiber to create those items (check the "How to acquire your first resources" chapter for more details on this topic).

Cloth armor (just like any better clothing in the game) provides protection from attacks and reduce fall damage, as well as decrease the impact a low/high temperature has on character.

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