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ATLAS Guide and Tips by

ATLAS Guide and Tips

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How to acquire your first resources in ATLAS? ATLAS Tips

In the Atlas game there are dozens of different resources to collect, which can then be used to create new ones or manufacture more effective tools, weapons and pieces of armor. Before you can unlock firearms and heavy armor, however, you will first need to acquire your first resources - and from this chapter you will learn how it can be done.

The first thing you need to do is to create the basic tools. - How to acquire your first resources in ATLAS? - FAQ - ATLAS Guide and Tips
The first thing you need to do is to create the basic tools.

In the Atlas game, the player starts almost naked - without any tools, weapons or clothing - and is thrown into deep water, without the game explaining what to do. First things first, you should craft the most basic tools, such as the Stone Pick, Stone Hatchet and Spear. However, you will need components to create them. To acquire your first resources you must, just like in Minecraft, punch things such as trees and stones - this will allow you to acquire Wood and Stone. This is not the most effective method of acquiring resources, as it damages the controlled character with each strike and allows you to gain a small amount of resources, but this is the only method available at the beginning of the game.

At the beginning of the game, you should focus on acquiring the following resources:

  1. Stone - those can be acquired by punching rocks, regardless of their size. By using your fists you will acquire Stone. Using a pick will allow you to also gain Metal and Flint.
  2. Wood - acquired by attacking trees. By using your fists you can acquire both Wood and Thatch. Using a hatched increases the amount of acquired resources by several times.
  3. Fiber - fibers are acquired without the use of tools, when the character has no item activated on the action bar. To acquire fiber, you need to approach a peculiar, brownish bush with no fruits on it and press the action button ("E). Each such action will grant you from 5 to even 12 units of Fiber. After 3-5 repetitions the bush will disappear and you will need to find the next one.
  4. Flint - it is acquired in the same way as Stone, by attacking rocks, but you need to use a pick to get it.
  5. Hide - it is acquired from killed animals. It is advised to focus on hunting harmless creatures, such as Sheep, as they will not defend themselves. Kill a sheep and strike the corpse with a hatchet multiple times to acquire Meat and Hides. Hides can be used to create the first armor, Cloth.
  6. Fruits - various fruits and consumable plants are the most basic food source that will satisfy the hunger of the character during the first minutes of the game. Approach a fruit bush and press the action button ("E") to acquire the fruits.
  7. Meat - even though you can survive the first minutes of the game without meat, eating fruits and vegetables only, you will quickly exceed the vitamin intake limit and the character will start receiving damage. This is why it is worth to get meat from defeated creatures - in the same way as the Hide described above.

As it was mentioned, you start the game in Atlas without any tools, causing the acquisition of crafting materials to be very limited. Check the following chapter of this guide - "How to create your first tools" - to learn how to create them.

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