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ATLAS Guide and Tips

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How to acquire and store fresh water in ATLAS? ATLAS Tips

In the Atlas game the player needs to constantly monitor the needs of the character and prevent some of them (hunger, thirst, oxygen) from depleting, as the character will take damage until they are satisfied. While food acquisition is not a problem, acquiring drinking water is quite a challenge. In this chapter you will learn how to quench the character's thirst and how to accumulate and carry drinking water.

Method one - digging up water

One of the main methods of water acquisition is to dig it up from the ground. Once done, a small stream of drinking water will burst from the ground, which can then be used to quench the thirst of the character. To obtain water in this way you must:

  1. Find a piece of land covered by grass - it cannot be a beach or a stony area.
  2. Lie down on the ground using the "X" key.
  3. Click LMB to activate the mini-game - during it you have to hit three times (by clicking with the LMB at the appropriate moment) the white field on the bar. Keep in mind that you need to have empty hands (no item selected from the active bar) to initiate this mini-game.

The amount of water acquired using this method increases depending on how many times you hit the white part of the bar - it is respectively 20, 40 and 60 units of water for 1, 2 and 3 hits. The amount of water obtained with this method can be further increased by using a shovel to dig - thanks to this you will get up to 200 units of water.

There are, however, some limitations to this method. First of all, you cannot extract water in this way forever - after digging it up from the ground, you will need to move several dozen meters from the previous extraction site to be able to repeat the process. The second and the most important problem is the fact that water acquired through this method cannot be stored - you cannot use it to fill your Waterskins, it can only be drunk.

Method two - acquiring water from lakes and rainfall

An arrow pointing towards the location of fresh water. - How to acquire and store fresh water in ATLAS? - FAQ - ATLAS Guide and Tips
An arrow pointing towards the location of fresh water.

The second method is more demanding, but it also gives better results. The main sources of fresh water at the beginning of the game are lakes. Those can be easily found - all you need to do is to exit the Freeport stating location and approach the sign arrow with the "WATER" word on it. The arrow points towards the location in which you need to travel to reach the lake. Lakes are often located near large constructions - they are easy to spot from a considerable distance.

Finally, fresh water... - How to acquire and store fresh water in ATLAS? - FAQ - ATLAS Guide and Tips
Finally, fresh water...

Once you reach the lake, you just need to jump into it and the character will automatically quench its thirst. You can (and should) also create the previously mentioned waterskins and fill them with fresh water. In order to do so, you must place such an item on the action bar, get into water and activate the item, causing it to be filled with water. You can repeat the process an infinite amount of times with other waterskins. Water can also be acquired from rainfall - the process is identical to acquiring it from the lake.

Storing fresh water

Water can be stored in, above all else, waterskins. - How to acquire and store fresh water in ATLAS? - FAQ - ATLAS Guide and Tips
Water can be stored in, above all else, waterskins.

Once you have successfully acquired fresh water, you need to properly store it in order to use it later in the future. You can use 3 items to do so:

  1. Waterskins - you can craft them from the beginning of the game and they are able to store 100 units of water. The only problem with them is the fact that they are leaking - some of the water from them is constantly lost.
  2. Water Jars - they allow you to store up to 200 units of water and they do not leak, making them excellent water storing items. The only problem is their weight - a full water jar weighs 5 pounds.
  3. Water Barrels - barrels allow you to store up to 500 units of water, but they weight from 50 to even 550 (when full) pounds and cannot be moved, they need to be placed (for instance on ships). You must be careful to not overload your ship with them (this will cause the ship to sink) and to close the lid of the barrel when not used - water evaporates from an open barrel. Barrels can be filled with water from other containers and used to refill those said containers.
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