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ATLAS Guide and Tips by

ATLAS Guide and Tips

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Death - what happens when the character dies in ATLAS? ATLAS Tips

The main goal of a player in Atlas is to constantly develop the controlled character, while simultaneously keeping it alive. However, even the most careful players will sooner or later be killed by their own carelessness, by a group of enraged creatures or during an encounter with another player. What happens at the moment of the character's death?

Several things are associated with the death in the Atlas game, such as:

  • The death is not permanent. If the character is killed, you can easily respawn it. If you do not own a bed, you will be able to resurrect the character only in the starting location of Freeport. If, however, a bed was set up, the character will be able to respawn right next to it.
  • You lose all of the items, both the ones from the action bar and those from the inventory, at the moment of death. You do not, however, lose items stored in chests. Keep in mind that once you die in Freeport, you will not be able to recover your items.
  • The character does not lose gained experience points and skills upon death. You will continue your journey with the character at the same level of development as before the death.

To decrease the chances of dying, it is generally a good idea to properly prepare yourself before an encounter with a powerful opponent by creating weapons and pieces of armor, as well as to refrain from attacking large groups of monsters on your own. You should also monitor the needs of the character - especially hunger and thirst. Is it also worth to prepare yourself in the event of death and craft a bed on a ship or inside a base - thanks to that the character will be able to respawn right next to it, often saving long hours of tedious gameplay.

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