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ATLAS Guide and Tips by

ATLAS Guide and Tips

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How to increase the performance of the ATLAS game? ATLAS Tips

The Atlas game is still in the Early Access phase, causing some of the planned gameplay mechanics to not be in the game and the ones that are already there to not always function properly. The similar problem applies to the optimization of the game - the world of the game is overwhelmingly huge and the visuals of the game are sometimes breathtaking, but on the other hand the game is far from being optimized, causing it to constantly decrease performance even on PC way above the recommended requirements. In this chapter you will find tips on how to increase the overall performance of the game.

Depending on your PC, you will be able to set a different level of detail. - How to increase the performance of the ATLAS game? - FAQ - ATLAS Guide and Tips
Depending on your PC, you will be able to set a different level of detail.

As you have probably guessed, some sacrifices must be made - increasing the performance of the game must go hand in hand with the reduction of the level of detail or the limitation of some of the effects. Head over to the game options and look through the following parameters:

  • Resolution - the resolution in which the game will work. It has a huge impact on the performance, but it also has a significant impact on the quality of graphics. If you are playing on a PC, it is not advised to lower the resolution below the native resolution of the monitor. If you are playing on a notebook, especially one equipped with a 15" screen, you can decrease the resolution. You must, however, always keep the right screen proportions!
  • Window Mode - one of the available display modes. Here you can choose to run the game in windowed mode, in a windowed fullscreen mode or in the "regular" fullscreen mode. If you do not need to constantly alt+tab in and out of the game and you can focus entirely on the gameplay, you should set this option to regular fullscreen mode - this can give you a few extra frames per second.
  • Resolution Scale - resolution scaling is something worth paying attention only when all else fails. Decreasing this value allows you to significantly increase the performance of the game, but it will also greatly decrease the quality of graphics. As mentioned, use this only when other options did not give satisfactory results.
  • World Tile Buffers - decreasing this value to medium or low can give you a significant FPS boost and it will not decrease the overall aesthetics of the game.
  • View Distance - the view / drawing range. Generally speaking this is a value that determines the distance at which objects - trees, animals, other players - will be displayed and visible. Decreasing this value will significantly increase the performance of the game, but it is not recommended to go below medium, as objects will be invisible even from a small distance.
  • Anti-Aliasing and Post Processing - anti-aliasing and post processing are values that give the greatest effect when they are lowered down to the medium. Going below that value has almost no impact on the performance, but the graphics will severely suffer from it.
  • General Shadows, Terrain Shadows and Ambient Lighting - the values determining the shadows and lighting effects of the game. They have a huge impact on the performance - decreasing them even to medium value will give a significant boost to FPS. If you want to get some extra performance, you can lower those values to low, but be prepared for a significant decrease in graphics quality.
  • Sky Quality - it determines the quality of the sky. This is one of the values that can be significantly decreased and it will not cause a noticeable drop in the quality of the graphics.
  • Ground Clutter Density, Ground Clutter Distance and Mesh Level of Detail - those options affect the density of the objects on the ground (small rocks, grass, etc.), as well as the range and the quality in which they are displayed. Reducing them will have a significant impact on the performance.
  • All of the options in the second column - unchecking them expect for Low Quality Level Streaming and Low Quality Animations can improve the performance, but it will have a negative impact on the graphics. Here you should act by trial and error - turn off individual effects and check their impact on the overall performance.

Appropriate video settings will help you gain several additional frames per seconds or will allow the game to work in constant 60 FPS.

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