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ATLAS Guide and Tips by

ATLAS Guide and Tips

Table of Contents

Hunting in ATLAS Game ATLAS Tips

Hunting in Atlas is a key aspect of gameplay - thanks to it you will be able to get precious resources, such as meat and hide, used to feed the character and create more advanced items. There is no way to avoid hunting and in this chapter you will learn how to make the whole process much easier.

Hunting - how to start?

Hunting has to be done from the very beginning of the game. However, fighting bulls and other powerful creatures with your bare hands will not end well for your character. This is why you should equip yourself with the basic melee weapon, the spear. It can be crafted once you reach level 2 and unlock the Tools of the Trade ability from the Survivalism skill tree.

Once you have your spear, you need to pick up your target. At the beginning of the game you should be focused on hunting Sheep - you only need to hit them several times to kill and they will simply run away after being hit, without turning hostile towards you. Attack the animal until it is dead and then hit the corpse with the Stone Hatchet to acquire Animal Meat and Hide. Meat can be cocked at the fire, whereas Hides can be used to create a cloth armor - Cloth Boots, Cloth Hat, Cloth Pants, Cloth Shirt and Cloth Gloves. The armor will provide you with basic protection against damage and extreme (cold and hot) temperatures.

Once you advance your character by several levels, you should take interest in the ranged combat. In order to do so, you must unlock the Archery Unlock ability from the survivalism tree, as well as Basics of the Bow and Ballistic Studies from the Archery & Throwing weapons tab. This will allow you to create both bow and stone arrows to deal damage from a safe distance. This in turn will allow you to hunt more difficult creatures, such as Bulls or Ostriches that can be extremely dangerous in melee combat.

Hunting - several tips

Hunting is not an easy task - one wrong move, incorrectly selected target and your character will be dead in seconds. To make the process easier, it is worth to stick to the following tips:

  1. If you are using the spear to hunt, you should have several of them (3-4) in your inventory. Spears are easy to break, it is always a good idea to have a spare one in the inventory in case the one you are using to fight with the animal breaks and you are left without a weapon.
  2. If you are planning to hunt something that might be defending itself, you must create the cloth armor - it will increase your chances for survival.
  3. Do not attack creatures with an empty stomach and when thirsty. Taking damage from a furious creature is enough of a problem - it would be a shame to die due to damage taken from starvation and/or dehydration.
  4. If you are using the bow to hunt, you should stand as far away to the target as possible before you start the attack. This will allow you to take several shots before the enraged creature reaches you. You can also use a difficult to access place (like, for instance, an elevation) which will give you additional seconds before the creature can attack you.
  5. Before you start the hunt, look around you. Most of the creatures present in the game live in herds - if you attack one, all of the nearby will attack you as well. Even a group of seemingly harmless creatures like Parrots can take you out in seconds if the group if big enough.
  6. Check your target twice before you decide to attack. Most of the creatures you encounter will not pose a threat to you, but you might encounter some marked as "Alpha". Those creatures are sometimes dozens of times stronger and more durable than their regular counterparts and fighting them alone is a real challenge. It is worth, however, to hunt them down, as killing an Alpha creature will advance your character by several levels.
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