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Romanies guild | Challenges AC: Revelations Guide

Set 1

Reward: Cost of hiring Romanies decreases.

Use Romanies on guards - x10

Comment: Hire gypsy dancers standing on the city streets (B), aim at the enemy (LT) and then send women on him (B). More information about factions and how to unlock them can be found in "City Factions" chapter.

Evade using stealth - x10

Comment: When you're chased by guards, disappear from their sight and then hide in a crowd, well, haystack or another available hideout.

Kill guards using a crossbow without being detected - x20

Comment: Crossbows and bolts can be bought at the blacksmith.

Set 2

Reward: Unlocks Romani Faction ability.

Use Tactical Bombs to escape guards - x10

Comment: For example Smoke Bomb can be used to complete this challenge. During your escape throw such a grenade under guards' feet (Y) and you'll quickly lose the. More information on explosives can be found in proper chapter.

Kill a Stalker without getting stabbed - x5

Comment: During your walk in the city, you'll be sometimes attacked by Templar assassins. When they catch you, hold RT and then quickly press X. You'll avoid being hit then and kill the enemy.

Kill guards using poison - x15

Comment: It is best to use poison darts here. Poison supply can be replenished at the doctor.

Set 3

Reward: Unlocks Romani Faction Weapon.

Kill guards using bombs without being spotted - x20

Comment: Use the Thunder Bomb here. It is enough to throw this grenade in a group of enemies from a distance and they all will die without noticing you.

Assassinate a guard from behind - x10

Comment: Use any weapon - go slowly to the enemy from behind and press X.

Assassinate a guard from a blend spot - x5

Comment: You have to kill a guard while in the blend spot (in haystack for example). This challenge can be completed with no problems during the fifth memory in the first sequence. Detailed description of this mission can be found in a previous guide to AC Revelations, which was focused on main and secondary missions.

Kill 3 enemies dazed by a single smoke before it dissipates - x1

Comment: Use the Smoke Screen grenade here. Throw it on the ground (Y) and then kill all enemies with the hidden blade.

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