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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Game Guide & Walkthrough

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Map of Kingston - Assassin Contracts - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Map of Kingston - Assassin Contracts - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
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Kingston | Assassin contracts AC IV: Black Flag Guide

01. Plantation master

Location: Northern pigeon coop

Enter the plantation and use the eagle vision to find the target. You can find him in the Northern part of the restricted area, a bit to the left. Kill him silently.

02. The guard post

Location: Northern pigeon coop

The target is in the area marked on the map, on the top of the hill. Eliminate the guards at the gate in the assassin way, them climb onto the hill and stab the target.

03. The slave traders

Location: Western coop

The best method to complete this mission is to get onto the rooftop of the house, where there is a gunner, eliminate him and kill the target by jumping down from the roof. An alternative is to detonate the gunpowder barrels, which are plentiful around here.

04. The Judge

Location: Western coop

The target is in the Southern part of the city so, you should be prepared to swim over there. Alternatively, you could use the fast travel option. This time around, there is no additional bonus for being stealthy. The target starts running at sight so, you could either climb one of the rooftops in this area and drop down from it, or be prepared for a chase around the city and for cutting through groups of passer-bys. the victim stops running once he has gained a certain distance from you so, a good method is to keep the distance and cut into his way. As a last resort, use the pistols.

05. The Weapons smugglers

Location: Southern Coop

In the region where you are to execute the contract, there are a lot of bushes so, after you kill the guard at the entrance, take cover in order to eliminate the remaining ones, and finally the target.

06. The British captain

Location: Southern coop

The target is around the harbor in an exceptionally small restricted area. If your aiming is good, approach into the bushes close to the target and shoot him. If you are fast enough you will not raise the alarm and remain in hiding.

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